Model Opel Crossland X will show in the fall of masthead power unit

Model Opel Crossland X will show in the fall of masthead power unit


All variations of CROSSLAND are front-wheel drive, there is only different motors and gear boxes. Price in Germany will amount to 23 Euro 320.

Crossover Opel Crossland X all petrol engines have a single working volume of 1.2 l (three cylinders), but differ in the power supply system. In the range is aspirated with multipoint injection and two versions of the turbocharged and direct injection. Output is 83 HP and 118 N•m 110 HP and 205 N•m, 130 HP and 230 N•m. And for some reason still only 110-horsepower engine was offered with automatic transmission option, and the other two were completed only with the “mechanics” of five – and six-speed. The illogic of this will be fixed in September in Frankfurt. Auto show debuts new top-end variation of CROSSLAND a dedicated six “automatic” and 130-horsepower gasoline unit.


In addition to the petrol versions in the range of CROSSLAND there are two diesel with the 1.5 motor: 102 HP, 250 N•m with the “mechanics” and 120 PS, 300 N•m with “automatic”. We are interested in development of the model in light of the return of the brand in our country. In the fourth quarter of scheduled appearance on our market vans and Vivaro Zafira Life, as well as crossover Grandland X (opalewski interpretation of the Peugeot 3008). Well, When X is a twin for another SUV Peugeot 2008 which is also well known to us. By the way, the 2008 model recently changed a generation and as such come to us in 2020.

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