Model S Plaid: Drive for all the money, but only in the fall

Model S Plaid: Drive for all the money, but only in the fall


Explaining the refusal to release the 1115-horsepower Model S Plaid + electric car in favor of just Plaid (without a plus at the end), Tesla said that Plaid turned out to be quite fast. How much? Some interesting details of this five-door continue to come to light after the presentation. So, the maximum speed of 200 mph (322 km / h) declared on the model page will be available to car owners only after the software update, which is expected in September 2021, MotorTrend assures. The presentation of the serial Plaid itself did not bring any big surprises, except for the increase in the starting price from the previously announced $ 119,990 to $ 129,990.

Final parameters: three electric motors with a total power of 1034 hp, 0-60 mph in 1.99 s, a quarter mile from a standstill in 9.23 s, charging range – 627 km (EPA cycle). Deliveries to customers began on June 10th.

Prerequisite for 200 mph: Optional Arachnid wheels (21-inch, pictured) with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires ($ 4,500).

So, even with optional disks for four and a half thousand, but without a software update, Model S Plaid accelerates to a maximum speed of only 262 km / h. Moreover, the choice of disks affects the passport mileage. The initial 627 km is achieved on base 19-inch Tempest wheels, and the 21-inch wheel setting reduces the charging range to 560 km. The advantages of the Plaid, in comparison with the P100D modification, are motors with a carbon fiber rotor shell. It allows you to create a stronger electromagnetic field and increases the strength of the part, allowing it to spin up to high speed. InsideEVs estimate up to 23,308 rpm instead of 18,000 on the P100D. It also has a more efficient heat pump and one of the lowest air resistance coefficients in the industry (0.208).

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