Model S Plaid was slower, or did someone have a problem with Dragy?

Model S Plaid was slower, or did someone have a problem with Dragy?


The brainchild of the Mask is powered by three electric motors with a total output of over 1000 hp

A video appeared on the Web in which the fastest and most powerful Tesla Model S – Plaid – competes with the Nissan GT-R coupe. True, the power of the latter was not announced.

A quarter mile distance, equivalent to 402 meters, a Tesla Model S Plaid with over 1,000 hp. drove in 9.711 seconds. Although the manufacturer claimed 9.23 seconds. It turns out that the error was almost half a second. However, the rival Nissan GT-R went the same way in 10.799 seconds – one second slower.

It should be said that during the race, Tesla was 66% charged, and there were two people in the cabin. In such conditions, the electric car was able to develop 97 km / h in 2.48 seconds. The same exercise, but with a fully charged battery and only one person inside the Model S Plaid did in 2.3 seconds.

However, the absolute record in drag is still very far away, and it is unlikely that a production car will ever be able to beat it. In the last century, racer Sammy Miller covered 402 meters in an unimaginable 3.22 seconds, reaching a top speed of 647 km / h. He did it on a 28,000 hp car

The race took place at the Zandvoort track in the Netherlands. However, for some reason this particular achievement was not officially registered, but Miller still holds the record: he counts 3.58 seconds, which he showed in 1984. Until now, no vehicle can surpass these numbers.

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