Model S Plaid will receive a stab in the back from Californians

Model S Plaid will receive a stab in the back from Californians


California-based Drako Motors has announced a new version of its first Drako GTE model, the Drako Dragon. Based on the Karma Revero GT hybrid, it is a pure electric supercar sedan and was fast in the last variation. Still, it has four electric motors with a total output of 900 kW (1224 hp) and 8880 Nm (on wheels). However, Drako considered this insufficient. The Dragon will get more traction, improved battery and inverters, and improved exterior and interior.

The source had a 90 kWh battery, and the company did not indicate the nominal power reserve. In the new version, the developers have hinted at 250+ miles (over 402 km), reports InsideEVs, but the exact numbers will be revealed in January when the model debuts.

The Drako GTE battery takes up space under the floor and in the tunnel. The motors are grouped in pairs, but each has its own gearbox. Inverters are located above the motors.

The body resembles Karma, but redesigned. On an aluminum base, aluminum and carbon fiber panels are fixed. Most of all, the relationship is given by the interior.

The redesigned Drako will receive a battery with redesigned cells for greater recoil and durability, as well as an improved battery cooling system. Based on earlier reports from the company, this is an evolution of the GTE system using a carbon fiber thermal interface (FTI) from the KULR Technology Group. The next important point is the suspension. In the Dragon version, it has five Le Mans-style adjustments. The developers have also promised to fit larger brakes, and the GTE also has Brembo carbon-ceramic with 395mm discs front and rear.

Externally, the Dragon will not be too radically different from the GTE, but inside there will be a new digital instrument cluster and infotainment system based on Drako DriveOS.

An obvious competitor for Drako Dragon is the five-door Tesla Model S Plaid: there are three motors for a total of 760 kW, acceleration to 60 mph in 1.99 s, to a hundred in 2.1 s, charge run 348 miles (560 km) according to the EPA and 637 km according to the WLTP cycle. But if the Dragon comes out ahead in power and dynamics, then the price will be a clear loss. After all, Plaid in the US is asked for from $ 129,990, and Dragon will cost ten times more. Even the original GTE is estimated at $ 1.25 million. And its small circulation of 25 is a weak excuse.

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