Model S set a new record in the race across North America

Model S set a new record in the race across North America


A driver behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S has set a new record for the unofficial transcontinental competition in the United States, known as the Cannonball Run, among electric cars.

The Tesla Model S was reportedly able to complete the race in 42 hours and 17 minutes, almost two and a half hours faster than the previous record set in the Porsche Taycan 4S.

During the race, the car must cross all of North America. The race begins in New York, and the electric car should finish in Los Angeles. The “cannonball” has been known since the 1970s and there is only one rule: the car must walk the distance on its own. Allowed to modify the car, change routes, and adjust the composition of the crew.

Ryan Levenson and Josh Allan became the new record holders. It is noteworthy that Levenson previously worked at Tesla, and then took up the promotion of electric vehicles and opened a car rental company (The Kilowatts). Ryan began to popularize electric vehicles and showcase how developed the charging station network in the United States is today.

For the race we chose the Model S 2021 model year in the long-range Long Range modification. The car was not finalized in any way, and the only improvement was 19-inch wheels with improved aerodynamic performance instead of 21-inch.

The check-in was carried out according to the “low charge” tactics. In most cases, an electric car arrived at charging stations with 10% of the remaining charge, after which it was charged by about 50% and continued on its way. On average, it took about 18 minutes to charge, and I had to stop 24 times. Thus, during the trip, the electric car stood in place for 7.2 hours.

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