“Modern Peugeot Driver” Adventures | Series 22 | BBC

“Modern Peugeot Driver” Adventures | Series 22 | BBC


Jeremy and James take on a Peugeot 307 CC and a Peugeot 407 and are tasked with driving them like “modern Peugeot drivers”… Subscribe: From , Series 22 Episode 5.WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

It is tricky. I don't know why
they put corners on… I mean, why would you? Well, I was going quite fast. I was in third. Oh! While James's car
was being towed out of the ditch, I took the opportunity to demonstrate yet another incredible standard feature
on my car. If you want to lower the passenger window, you can do that from a switch
on the driver's door. But if you want to get it back up again… you can't. So, you have to go round
to the other side, okay, and use the button here. But if you do that, you're going to trap
your arm in this gap here. Now, Peugeot's thought of that, okay? Obviously, you can't open this door.
There's no door lock. That's for security reasons.
So, you pop back round here and this is incredible… simply pull this switch, okay? Windows all go down now. The roof detaches and now… Now, look. I can lift the window… without… getting my arm trapped. Can you see? Brilliant. With James's car out of the ditch,
we relaxed by tuning in to Radio Peugeot. Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2. Is Britain full? is how we started this. Alison in Warfield in Berkshire texted
and says: "I can't park at Waitrose.
So, yes, we are too full." Good caller. That's very nice of him. He just gave me a little push there
to let me know he was coming past. Corner! Corner! I've done it. I'm round. Despite the soothing tones
of Radio Peugeot… Do you think you may have
the worst-tasting water in Britain? Do call us if so, 0500 288 291… …we found the journey very stressful
thanks to badly placed road signs… and busy junctions. Maniac. Maniac. Maniac. Yobbo. Maniac. Mani… Oh, hold on,
I think there's a chance here. Oh! Damn it! You've got Johnny Foreigner coming
over here, they don't pay a penny… Bloody council
not mending the bloody roads. James, there's a corner coming up,
a corner. There's a sign saying corner.
Do take care this time, okay? To be honest, I didn't notice
James's latest accident because I'd found
yet another feature in my amazing car. If I push this button here
that increases the temperature… and then hold it down
for a little while… There we go. Lovely, lovely. Mm-mm, smoke! Obviously, there's a fair bit of choking
you have to go through, but… look at the result! People like a…
a real fire in their homes. I've got one in my car. It's a good job this car has a chimney. Obviously,
that's a very good design feature. When I met up with James again, it was at the Peugeot driver's
worst nightmare… a double mini-roundabout. Now… Dear God. Right, that's clear. I don't know. It's… Maniac! Oh, God! No more
double mini-roundabouts ever, please. After such a terrifying ordeal, we needed hot sweet tea
to calm our nerves, so we went to a nearby garden centre. Will Hull emails:
"I suggest we bring back workhouses. That would deter people exploiting
the state and having as many children… There's a space there, nearly. Entrance? I'm going to have to come in forwards. A cup of tea. Oh, perfect. -Seen this, James?
-What? Carrots stop you getting cancer. -Really?
-Yeah. But The Mail said it was tomatoes.
Or was it tomatoes give you cancer? I thought Diana gave you cancer.
Or was it house prices? No, immigrants do house pr…
I get confused. Afternoon tea over,
we got back on the road. Maniac! After a busy day, we were heading home,
and to get there, we'd fitted our cars with something
called satellite navigation. Incredible device.
It was a present from my children. It knows where I am on the planet
and then it can get me to my house. All I have to do is as I'm told. So, I go left here… Yes. Right, according to the electric map,
I go right. This is… overgrown. The council should really do something
about this road here. It's weird, isn't it? You hear stories
all the time about idiots who… "I was following the satellite navigation
and I drove off a cliff, or into a canal." And you think: "What a moron!" Must be a shortcut. Bloody clever. And here we are. Home sweet home! Oh, joy!

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