Modified versions of the high hatchback AION Y are presented

Modified versions of the high hatchback AION Y are presented


The Chinese brand Aion, created by the celestial automaker GAC, specializes in the production of relatively expensive and advanced electric models. The automaker has brought the improved AION Y hatchback, its fourth model, to its home showroom.

At the stand of the brand, the attention of the audience was attracted by two versions of the electric “five-door” AION Y, and one of them was an open-top car. So the Aion brand probably wanted to show that its electric cars are ideal for modernization and personalization.

The local press called the novelties “a technological avant-garde, not devoid of romance.” Special versions of the model might look in detail.

The AION Y-based convertible gets a powerful front bumper, a special body kit around the body and stylish graphics in the rear and fenders. He also got a retractable table for an impromptu picnic.

The hatchback features pink accents and geometric panels that adorn the body of the car. For example, in the area of ​​the wheel arches. Moreover, both cars demonstrate a fundamentally different design of rims.

Recall that Aion Y was the first among the brand’s models to receive batteries of its own production by GAC. The very first electric cars of the brand had CATL batteries. Already in the base, the car is equipped with a budget 60 kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery and a 136-horsepower electric motor. The electric car will travel about 410 kilometers without recharging.

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