Mondeo Replacement: Evos New Cross-Liftback

Mondeo Replacement: Evos New Cross-Liftback


Ford will abandon the Mondeo / Fusion passenger car family, but a formal successor for it has already been determined, while the truth is only for China. The Evos cross-liftback goes on sale there, and is almost pristine compared to the concept presented this spring.

The car is designed on the upgraded C2 platform. It is 4920 mm long, 1920 mm wide, 1600 mm high and has a wheelbase of 2945 mm. By comparison, the Chinese Modeo sedan that Evos is slated to replace in Ford’s lineup is 4873mm long and has a wheelbase of 2850mm.

The front part of the cross-liftback body was made in the style of the local crossover Ford Equator – the novelty got a new-fashioned two-tier head optics, as well as a radiator grill similar to the SUV. In addition, the Evos has retractable door handles and dotted taillights.

And the model also has the ST-Line version, which differs from ordinary cars by the wheel arch extensions painted in the body color, and the small decor made in a sporty style.

In the cabin, the serial “Evos” got an unusual front panel with a 12.3-inch display of the instrument cluster and a 27-inch screen of the multimedia system.

The arsenal of the model also includes: a panoramic roof, all-round cameras, an automatic braking system, a lane keeping system and a proprietary BlueCruise autopilot (level 2 autonomy).

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The commercial Ford Evos is powered by a 2-liter “supercharged” turbo engine with a capacity of 238 horsepower and 376 Nm. A bunch of it is an 8-band automatic transmission. Front-wheel drive only. From one place to the first “hundred”, the crossover-liftback can accelerate in 6.6 seconds, and its maximum speed is limited at around 193 kilometers per hour.

Car prices are already known. For it in China they ask from 227 thousand 800 to 260 thousand 800 yuan, or 35 200 – 40 300 dollars at the current exchange rate.

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