“Money likes silence”: started selling Mercedes EQV

“Money likes silence”: started selling Mercedes EQV


In Europe, came presented in 2019 electric van Mercedes-Benz EQV. The cost model in Germany starts from 71 388 euros.

At the moment only available long wheelbase version of the minivan under the name of EQV 300, the standard variant will come later. The car has a lithium-ion battery is 90 kWh, which provides a power reserve of 418 km.

The power of the motor is 201 HP and 362 Nm of torque. This motor enables the van to accelerate to maximum 140 km/h, at the same time, for a fee, the maximum speed can be increased to 160 km/h.


EQV has got built-in battery charger, water-cooled AC (OBL) with a capacity of 11 kW, which makes it possible to charge it at home or at public charging stations. Using fast charging on 110 kW, energy cars from 10% to 80% can be recharged in just 45 minutes.

Thanks to the flexible installation of individual seats minivan can offer different configurations of seats for 6, 7 or 8 passengers. As the company notes, the weight of EQV is 3500 kg.

As the model V-Class & Vito, EQV will be releasing the enterprise of the German mark in the Spanish Vitoria.

In addition, recently it was noted that Mercedes-Benz first showed the model EQS in the photo. This car will be an electric variation of the S-Class.

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