Monster-truck from lawn mower

Monster-truck from lawn mower


A four-wheel-drive lawn mower is an absolutely wild thing, but off-road it seems better than most ATVs. Or at least more interesting.

The Craftsman LT1000 lawn mower is officially a “lawn tractor”. Traktorets is equipped with a 17-horsepower motor and, according to the manufacturer, “ideal for mowing an area of half a hectare.” But this was not enough for the owner of one of these cars.

James Davis, a farm boy from Georgia, had no intention of mowing the grass in a larger field or speeding up the process. He had no intention of using the tractor for its intended purpose at all. But I decided to turn it into an unusual all-terrain vehicle.

James called his modified lawn mower the Bowser. The device is built on a welded frame of steel pipes, equipped with a three-speed Saginaw transmission, a Toyota transfer case, a custom long-stroke suspension, a racing seat, power steering and a pair of driving axles from an unknown old SUV.

The off-road capabilities of the Bowser are simply impressive. It is able to move not only on uneven surfaces or overcome puddles a meter deep filled with mud – the Bowser feels great even on water!

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