More detailed images of the updated Duster

More detailed images of the updated Duster


More photos of the prototype of the new Dacia Duster crossover for the European market have been published on the Web.

About a week ago, the updated Dacia Duster crossover appeared in photos without camouflage. The picture taken during the advertising photo shoot showed the front of the car: the architecture of the head optics was the same as that of the new Logan and Sandero models. At the same time, in fresh pictures of the new Dacia Duster, you can see the taillights.

Pictures of the prototype of the updated Dacia Duster were taken on the territory of some European enterprise, one of the buildings of which has the inscription Continental. The crossover in the photos is partially covered with a protective film, which does not interfere with seeing the main details of the restyling. First of all, these are lanterns, which will lose their cross-shaped pattern. No other changes are foreseen in the rear.

To date, the current version of the Dacia Duster is offered on the European market in all trim levels only with a manual transmission, it is expected that the restyling will return at least a “robot” to the list of options.

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