More photos of the new Genesis GV60

More photos of the new Genesis GV60


Ahead of its September 2 debut, Genesis today released a new batch of official images of its first dedicated electric vehicle, the GV60.

Introducing the GV60, Genesis is redefining the luxury electric vehicle experience, combining youthful athleticism with green technology to open up a new path for drivers looking for a better future. But the GV60 does much more than just bring luxury to the electric car – by offering style, power and sustainability in one place, the company said. With its design details, the GV60 creates limitless mobility adapted to our modern lifestyle.

From interactive driving features to out-of-bounds exterior details, these are some of the design features of the GV60. Twin optics featuring two lines on the sides are one of the most unique Genesis design signatures. The GV60 reimagines and reinforces this signature in a sporty, dynamic dual layout that underlines the GV60 as the sportiest car the brand has ever seen.

There are two monitors inside the machine. One of them plays the role of a digital instrument panel, and the second is the display of the multimedia system. Crystal Sphere is the highlight of the interactive features of the GV60. First of all, Crystal Sphere is a safety feature that clearly shows whether the car is on or not. This is important for a quiet vehicle such as an electric vehicle, where the only indicator of the driving status is small screens. When charging, Crystal Sphere does not put the car into drive mode.

As for the technical component, it has not yet been disclosed. Most likely, there will be no differences from the Ioniq 5 and EV6, which means that the new product will be available with full and rear wire. In this case, the all-wheel drive version will have two engines with a total capacity of 212 horsepower.

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