More than 1 million electric cars: Tesla sales

More than 1 million electric cars: Tesla sales


American electric car maker Tesla spoke about its plans for next year. It is worth noting that they are very ambitious. In total, the company plans to transfer more than 1 million new cars to customers in 2022.

To be more precise, now the figure is called 1.3 million copies. Such statements look very interesting against the background of tougher competition from many brands, including Volkswagen, which plans to become the leader in the electric car market by 2025.

If we talk about 2021, then according to its results Tesla is going to sell 900 thousand new cars. Last year, the company just fell short of the planned plan of 500 thousand cars sold – one of the reasons was the coronavirus epidemic.

In December, the brand’s dealers offered very favorable terms for customers, but the plan was not fully implemented.

In the meantime, the Tesla Model Y electric crossover was tested on the “elk” test. It should be noted that the car was able to show excellent results.

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