More than a thousand kilometers on a single charge: electric truck Futuricum

More than a thousand kilometers on a single charge: electric truck Futuricum


A Futuricum truck traveled 1,099 kilometers around the Continental test site near Hanover, Germany without recharging. This is a world record confirmed by the Guinness Book.

The record was set by the Futuricum truck, which was previously used by the DPD logistics company in Switzerland for regional transport for six months. The machine is based on the chassis of a 19-ton Volvo FH with four traction batteries with a total capacity of 680 kWh instead of fuel tanks. The electric motors of the machine develop power “over 680 hp”.

Before entering the 2.8 km long Contidrom high-speed oval, the truck was changed to Continental EfficientPro tires with low rolling resistance. The weather conditions were not ideal: the air temperature was 14 ° C, and the ground was 23 ° C. In addition, the wind blew at an average speed of 18 km / h with gusts of up to 40 km / h. However, 23 hours later, the organizers announced a new Guinness record for the longest distance covered by an electric truck without stopping to recharge – 1099 km.

In total, two drivers covered 392 laps of 4.5 hours each in shifts at an average speed of 50 km / h. Futuricum notes that this is a realistic average for day-to-day use of such machines.

“We decided to invest in e-mobility early on. The Futuricum truck has been operating for about six months between the warehouse in Mölin near Basel and the distribution center in Buchs / Zurich. An electric truck can cover about 300 kilometers every day without any problems. We are proud to be able to officially document the level of performance, ”said Marc Frank, Director of Strategy and Innovation at DPD Switzerland.

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