Morgan CX-T Review: Is this Dakar-inspired Plus Four rally car really worth £200k?

Morgan CX-T Review: Is this Dakar-inspired Plus Four rally car really worth £200k?


Here we go then. Yes, it’s a real thing. Morgan calls it the CX-T. CX refers to its latest generation all-aluminium bonded platform with 100 per cent better torsional rigidity than its predecessor. The T is for Trialling, a form of motorsport that involves people bouncing up and down in wheeled bathtubs while getting covered in mud. It’s niche. And expensive. A £200k Morgan with an exoskeleton developed by a rally firm. But is it any good? Well, ’s Head of Car Testing, Ollie Marriage, had a go to find out. Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

is oh this gets a bit of a move on i am mostly made of dust right now if you were looking for a car to turn into an extreme rally vehicle this surely isn’t it but they’ve done it meet the morgan cxt this isn’t as crazy as you might think morgan has a long history of off-roading just not in its recent history this is trialing and back when morgan was young it was big news a real test of durability and endurance so in the spirit of morgan’s past let’s go and see if a modern morgan works off road too i think a few little challenges are in order through the thistles hello sheep straight up towards the wind turbine a little bit bumpy over the grass but ah absolutely fine let’s go and see how it copes with a steep slope and we’re popping out over the ridge line and up we go this is a morgan what this is doing off-road is exceptional oh look water splash let’s have a go at that ready brace yourself ah not too bad actually in here barely a drop came in it’s got quite a lot of ground clearance actually not far off as much as a discovery let’s have a wander through a rock garden look at all these big rocks oh look a really steep slope i’m not actually sure it’s going to make it up here but a wheel spin wow that’s really steep and loose and bumpy what a car well done you that was not easy well done this bit looks like the african savannah well just the track bit that’s very definitely not african savannah oh nice to get the wind under your armpits though right enough playing around for a minute i think it’s time to understand a bit more about what they have done to a standard morgan to turn it into this outwardly these two cars look quite similar and in many ways they are both use the same cx aluminium chassis and the same drivetrain as well the bmw 2-litre turbo complete with the same manual gearbox but appearances can be deceptive because actually the only body panels that have been carried over are the doors and the nose cone this one however has been modified by the dakar experts rally rage uk which is why it looks quite different not only looking at bigger wheels and tires here but modified suspension borrowed from the plus 6 to give wider track widths and also rally spec springs and dampers and then if we went further back down the car this rather lovely looking leather bag here actually contains the air filter and then we come to the external roll cage which not only looks fantastic but it’s actually bolted onto the chassis and then we get to the really exciting stuff look we’ve got a couple of rally spec lights up here we’ve got sand ladders and a shovel on the back and two huge spare tires it’s a cracking piece of kit this you don’t have to have yours like this you can have it with bike racks and roof tents it’s not actually intended for competition it’s aimed at people wanting adventure and experience or people like us with our own quarry to play in now let’s do some proper driving yay get the cxt moving around a bit yes the front end really impressive that just seems to float and skip along beautifully the back end just sort of bounces around a bit more but you know considering it takes a starting point probably one of the worst riding cars available today this is amazing so you can slide it around yes but the way it moves what they’ve done to it underneath is very impressive most notably in the suspension department because a standard morgan basically has no rear suspension travel this this does rally rage uk have managed to engineer in 140 millimeters of rear suspension travel not only improving ground clearance but also comfort and control the cxt steers cleanly and communicates well the chassis is stiff and the handling predictable it’s actually very well balanced so you can charge through long fast corners and play with the angles on the steering and throttle it’s way more secure and confidence inspiring than you’d ever expect a morgan to be and more than that it’s a hoot it feels quite quick on the road a two-liter bmw turbo in a morgan plus four on gravel more than effective it’s a responsive engine i can’t believe the traction of it actually not just the power but power is nothing if you haven’t got traction these tyres amazing the handbrake disappointingly doesn’t really do anything they needed a proper hydraulic one that would have been awesome in terms of the drivetrain it’s pretty much a standard plus four apart that is from the rear differential because on a plus four it’s a completely open differential on here it’s not they’ve actually brought in a proper electronic torque vectoring diff from bmw and using a couple of switches over here you can adjust it and adjust the locking it does which for sliding around on gravel is just what you need yes have some of that this is awesome the most natural starting point then but this morgan has been comprehensively and sympathetically enhanced they’re only building seven and each costs wait for it a staggering two hundred thousand pounds but the cxt deserves to have a big impact and bring morgan a new younger audience it’s fun and a bit daft but it drives better than it has any right to in fact forget off-road only i’m willing to bet it’s a better road car too

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