Most buyers don’t need electric cars and hybrids

Most buyers don’t need electric cars and hybrids


America is home to Tesla, Rivian and Lucid, as well as the Mustang Mach-E, Hummer EV, and other interesting electric vehicles, which have made great acclaim in the last year. However, research by Deloitte has shown that a gasoline-powered model will be chosen as the next car. The main reason for this position is that buyers are not sure about the adequacy of the range of modern models. There is no faith in the infrastructure of charging stations. 17% of Americans are ready to consider a hybrid as their next car. Plug-in hybrid and electric car will be preferred by 5% of buyers. The US survey results are similar to those found in Southeast Asia during a similar survey.

True, there are still differences in different countries. 49% of Germans, 39% of Japanese and 37% of South Koreans will choose a model with an internal combustion engine as their next car. And 23% of Koreans, 17% of Germans and 15% of Chinese consider an electric car as the next car.

It is worth noting that even in India, people are more interested in electrified cars – 21% of those surveyed are ready to buy a hybrid, and 10% are looking at a plug-in hybrid. At the same time, all respondents noted that the rise in electricity prices will discourage them from buying an electric car or plug-in hybrid.

There is another difference in the mood of buyers in different regions. Americans, Japanese and Indians want to charge their battery cars at home, while Southeast Asians prefer public charging stations.

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