Most expensive Ferrari garage!

Most expensive Ferrari garage!


I’m visiting David Lee the Ferrari collector in LA and get to drive his Enzo. You won’t believe how it sounds. He reveals what his latest purchase is. Afterwards I’m invited to McLaren Beverly Hills to see the one of the rarest 675 LT and P1.

what’s up guys it’s blondie welcome to another vlog just about to meet hugely famous in the cabo decided to see his collection check this out we have just walked into David Lee’s private garage to see his collection we’re just waiting on him now he’s gonna come down shortly and then we can have a chat and I can ask him everything that I want to know might be here for like five six hours we’re gonna have a bit of a chat find out about cars what ones he likes best what he’s a daily drive I’ll often he would for example take his laferrari or his and allow for his f50 or as f40 how it all works have you noticed right in here 11:1 he’s not crazy just like wandering around checking out the cars very for you to choose oh this is the coaster at you I know I’m surrounded by Ferraris and I’m getting jewelry Oh son come on my first question to you does this ever get old or does it thing every time you it’s just as exciting really you know I come down wow is this really my garage what’s the last one you bought is it well Toby here this one is 275 option oh yes the cool thing about this car because you know I’m into the new ended classic so this is a unrestored 275 GTS that means has never been painted and never been in interior had never been done never been never a baby yeah I mean it’s pretty good paint work very good sense for 50 you know one year yeah so this car qualifies for a lot of the preservation Awards classes there’s about a hundred ninety nine days and I and wonders we saw it before that I’ve sold I’ve never been in knowledge of knowing other people know that there’s a Sun restored to say right TTS really single from this might actually be the only one could be the only one house it’d be terrific but yeah you drive it like I try of all my cars are driver and mechanically of course everything is original to a lot of people have it and they don’t drive it it doesn’t work you know yeah look nice yeah but it doesn’t work but this one is a one that worked and also its original its I’m very excited about this because it just you know it puts you in a different level like when I go to pebble I just feel the excitement stop looking at me you won’t mean anything to you I mean really or is this true it does yeah because you know I mean I was a judge this year so I have to be a judge which was very exciting and I see that it’s it’s really a a great process right and to win in that process it’s really not easy I mean they’re very picky on the cars they accept people that win I mean it’s really exceptional cars so then when you win you feel like you know I mean to be there you already feel like you’re you made one culture but to win it’s like you already another cut and you drive up to the podium and thousands and thousands of people are cheering it’s like sure they very accepted my application for this car for next yearfor Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach in the preservation class and I think has a good chance he thinks he’s already guarding the back bar eclectic David Lee firstly in Ferrari clicked on last name David ignores when it comes to your you know well-known a Ferrari black diamond bracelet you know McLaren flake to David Lee yeah well you know I mean four years ago I’ve always been in the cars and I’ve had Porsches and Lamborghinis and Ferraris before but four years ago I just felt like I had something that happened that I said wrong analytical hard core you just collected right so at that time I did some everything and and I just started to really collect Ferraris so you sold all your errand boy yeah I had a Carrera GT I had so twice all those and I have an Enzo in it from the Enzo I started collecting the rest of the supercars okay so the engine was really your first baby yeah first were the baby in the collection I just wanted to be focused on Ferrari can it be a specialist in collector Ferrari okay and and – Jeff Ferrari also notice that and then you had it expanded from that it’s not a lot of Ferrari so yeah I feel that once I’ve accomplished and what I try to do with rari collecting I saw the beauty of course in the 350 this 1958 356 speedster which is a originally black so so that was very we’re not allowed and did have black so this has been restored this has been explored but it was originally black or silver another crime so that’s kind of really under par then like McLaren and and and other Porsche 918 of the p1 GTR right it’s really cool what things like that I just feel like it’s okay to have a little bit of this other roles you know it’s a little bit differently recognize you when you’re driving Ferraris like you could be driving you know all night and like I’m pretty sure a lot of people end up on the freeway you know here in California freeway they they see me and they’re like yeah you know they’re waving and back when they see my cars are like the first thing to think about they would be ya know there’s one thing that I thought might be interesting to ask you and it’s more about like being very well-known do you get a lot of it’s interesting to have a understanding of social media behavior and also kinds of people out there in the world because it seems like social media just allows you to be unlimited to say whatever is on your mind which in the real world you can’t yeah I think whoever that’s new into social media would take it more serious right if they’re not used to all this how that yeah how much you normally don’t get that much you know I never get you know but like because to feel something hating you for this for that you know you just gotta get used to just lastly if you would’ve come down here today how does it work you have all your keys with you and you just go well is it a particular feeling well it’s almost the same question as people asking what’s your favorite car yeah you know what’s your favorite car yeah it’s too difficult because of all my favorite cars they all cost a lot of money for so it’s not gonna be like that you know just buy one it’s not like I think some of the friends you know each one you have to make a decision like like a real decision you’re buying a house or a final decision so everyone I like equally because it’s it took that kind of thought process and you know the way I collect its I’m not into the quantity I’m more in the quality so I have less cars but there each one are importing guitars so it comes down to I guess the event of venue that are going to okay right in other words if I was going to a beach area would take my property has a convertible if I was going to a car show that people kind of want to see something special that I might take like Gandhi so let me run through four different venues in the movies and I would take probably the TTC for you so even if it’s a Jackie Chan movie okay now if you were going to go to out for dinner with your family I probably take the my dawn you know the because you can fit four people I might not even you worried that the valet you can drive it to true yeah because you have to worry about that sex right to work work every day that would also probably be like a GTC for me so yeah after one I’ve gone yeah what if you went for takeaway toss you fond with that with a tongue she lights out which one maybe take the PDF might EDF why because you you you you know you what you don’t want to have to drive stick and also holding your lights off right okay but no not for the f40 yet where would you take a car like that it could be some mountain yeah I mean that allows you to get used to the stick shift in the in the heel and toe kind of driving but not too competitive where you have to perform but you want to have a little bit more fine you can just go straight if people come to LA and they’re like I really want to spot David Lee I’m going David Lee spotting where’s the best place to maybe run into David Lee when you go for lunch when you go for dinner well I mean you know for sure my car events causing problems right Saturday of every month in my plaza so in my quasi my store you know I’m there a lot of time oh poor oh you know where my sushi restaurant that that’s I’m there a lot you know then the Beverly Hills there’s a lot of hot spotters there so whenever I come and I parked right there then they kind of know and so the littles are in place so just hang out at yeah right now this card is special in the fact that I’m the third corner you know in 1967 for 50-year old car to be the third owners really rare because the holy before me had it for 49 years so that’s I think probably the longest history of one person owning a for can I bet quite a little bit yeah he was happy that I was the one there’s a point meeting when they judge it hey there’s platinum and then there’s gold and improv you know silver so there’s a prime moment Park and it’s a best of show car behind him in let’s say in the concourse of 150 cars being judge this was the most outstanding car and they give it the best of show car I spoke to this girl for an hour she didn’t even awesome he’s not coming back again on the point of the 250 GTO specifically because we saw this in to buy other comic books there at the dosha Lara and it was going for something like 65 million 55 or 55 around that mark what are your thoughts on that car you know something like that that much money right that car is definitely worth the investment yeah I know people have the money to buy that they buy it that will be probably one of the first hundred million dollar cars why not leave because if it’s racing heritage it’s because of the rarity was like 36 made and everybody I guess is a consensus that everybody loved why it’s worth remarking on the fxxk talking of track only cars yeah those are those are just tracking the apps right you know I don’t have that thing right now although although I have time I don’t I still don’t have got that much time to gain that I’m right now I’m just having a lot of fun with road cars having you know exhibitions and and going to concours and driving the cars and doing all these things I mean yeah yeah let’s see her expression I’m yelling over the engine unlike the current cars that have an auto mode and an f1 motor you can change to this one only has 2 f1 ok so you know this is off ship and this is down yeah so we might want to move the Pagani out of the way this is insane what do you think whoa which one should I take you dude just click that put it into the into the ski and then down here is reverse so you press that and then I’ll come over to yeah that’s this looks like from Star Trek or something yeah this is insane laferrari door is a lot heavier than me yeah I know if I was really trying to do a performance situation and I want it to be more assisted with the cuz that has all the computers to assist you to make you you know do that and confidently yeah and then once you get into this one there’s really a lot less system and you know you’re gonna have to ship yourself you feel like you know what more driving experience on the air yeah yeah Claire oh my goodness okay so David needs to repot the end zone you say can you help me repack it with the angles he said I don’t want to get my eggs mom problems I don’t want to get the F what an awesome day with David Lee and top it all off were just heading to a McLaren event here in Beverly Hills in a beautiful suburb a mansion so we’re gonna hang out with McLaren tonight and the Windsor house that’s where we are and here are some MacLaren’s outside let’s go in into the secret garden door the overall cost of this car because people love to you know is this double the cost of a normal six if I would say that’s in the range the customer actually is quite modest about expressing the actual whole as cost I only respect that but I would say that that would be a fair indication and I think going forward behind me is a super-special as I’m sure you can see this is one of 25 carbon series 675 LT s and now the heat shield is something special he’s added this in gold heat shield and the entire car everything that the owner has done to it makes the value about dolphin of what a normal sea 75 LT he would go for which is not incredible now you in the night chauffeured in a p1 it’s my other driver alright just arriving back at the mclaren showroom thank you very much for the ride my pleasure very carefully out want to scrape your heels on the carbon-fiber so that’s it that’s the other night and just got a sport at home in this p1 McLaren incredible colors we are back here at the Beverly Hills McLaren showroom what a night it has been thank you so so much for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed it please like and subscribe and we’ll see you on the next clock thanks guys bye

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