Most Expensive SUV’s Compared!

Most Expensive SUV’s Compared!


This is the Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge with a base price of $500,000 in the Middle East – the most expensive production SUV ever made! My mates rocked up with the coolest Brabus G800 so we could take a look at them side by side. Thoughts?Special thanks to:@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] me on:#rollsroyce #cullinan #blackbadge #G800

take a look this it has a no dogs allowed sticker something I’ve never seen in a car before I’m gonna tell you guys why in just a sec what’s up guys Supercop blondie here in Dubai this is Bianca she is flown in from LA to join us on the vid today nice to have you supercar blondie Pham thank you guys so so much for watching press that subscribe button right now if you haven’t already we’ve got some cool stuff to show you right let me take you around this car actually both of us are going to do a little bits and pieces because because basically I’ve decided to just kind of hang back and not do anything so I’ve got Bianca here to show you around the car I’m just gonna sit here in luxury and just just clap and like support you and just be a cheerleader that sound good alright I forgot my pom poms crap I’m actually gonna have to do something this is the rolls-royce colour Minh black badge edition the first thing that you notice chrome and the badge here and the Spirit of Ecstasy who doesn’t like black on black on black on black anything black on black on black is kind of just really cool and check these babies out so they upgraded from 21 to 22 inch rims red brake calipers are for the first time even from the side you’ve got the blacked-out rolls-royce badge that’s usually in silver chrome now it’s in black from any angle they want people around you to be like dude that girl’s rich there are some rich guys out there too but mainly women these massive like intimidating back half a million a box you guys but a very good reason I actually think the interiors should we get it it’s so quiet inside you hear nothing yeah and speed bumps become marshmallows yeah I love driving dude you see that straighten the driver’s side so the deal is Bianca actually tracks supercars so she just goes she doesn’t even bother driving them around on the street like I do she’s like dude I’m at the racetrack yeah this to me is I love yellow accents instead of reaching to grab the door this is all you gotta do yonk even with one door closed yeah I yeah cause now anything that’s madness in a Rolls Royce you’re too posh to close doors yourself you don’t lift a finger in this car this is one of my favorite favorite things about the Rolls Royce and in every rolls-royce you get this feature is these door closed buttons and I can actually close my own door and the passengers draw from here I was reviewing car the other day and I actually had to walk around the car and corner stores so I door and I was like what is this we’re in 2020 who needs to walk around in clothes passenger side doors I was quite upset by that so now I’m back in a Rolls Royce and everything’s okay again in the world before we move on a quick shout out to d3 Design District here in Dubai because they have some of the coolest views in the whole city Burj Khalifa right there so kind of skyline downtown skyline love it so massive massive thank you to you also to Rolls Royce thank you so much for giving us the black badge to play around with for a couple of days so the color scheme from the outside has been carried through to the inside as you can see with this black and yellow interior same as the exterior and there are some nice little little details right like this carbon fiber yeah and here as well that’s some carbon fiber a little bit under steering yup here as well you’re right and then over here so you’ve got all of these extra little details and elements to the interior as well with the black badge and then you got the engine upgrades so this guy’s a v12 600 horsepower goes 0 to 100 kilometers in 5.1 seconds yeah the standard Cullinan comes in at around 560 horsepower they also have active suspension so they’ve got two cameras here on the front of the car constantly looking at the road ahead of you and what is coming so that it can actively adjust the suspension because if it sees some kind of like rugged terrain suddenly just throw yourself off the highway into desert it would be like okay I’m ready I’ve prepared the suspension let’s go so that’s a pretty cool feature and then if you check out what it says here on this little theme a jig it says low if you press that right it actually goes into what they call like a sports mode why is it called low it’s because it sticks to lower gears so it’s gonna shift faster it’s not going to shift all the way up into the highest gear and then just kind of sit back and lay around it’ll be actively only using the lower gears you can barely hear the horn on this car true huh I was honking oh yeah barely I wonder if it’s gotta be way louder out there Bailey hear the horn that’s crazy this one is a sunroof yeah now look how massive it is it goes all the way back huge but I’ve never actually seen that I’ve never seen a sunroof on a Rolls before because usually you see this yes I like so there’s an option to have the shooting star on the roof guys you know how much for that how much one detail $7,500 over one shooting star option I mean I would totally with it totally who’s they say oh I think oh hang on oh she’s got the attitude hey a GUI and BRABUS that’s pretty sweet everything they can not hear us so BRABUS you can actually get your exhaust tuned and it has an incredible exhaust note like it’s quite loud so let’s see if we can even hear them rev here we go alright give us a rev Rev it actually I’m quite impressed but like let’s roll the window down and see how loud it is compared okay again this is kind of cool because we’ve got a yellow trim interior and they’ve got orange both black with crazy interior colors what’s up guys Oh God sippy skies this is Gracie and a milder and they’re trying to show off here a little bit Arkin trying to come spoil our fun we thought we had the coolest SUV the question is do we still have the coolest SUV you’ve had a good driver this right yeah where’d you get it Oh massive thank you to VIP motors awesome dealership here in Dubai they’ve got the coolest stuff so bravas g-wagen yeah G 800 through the exact wide star as well wide star G 800 pounds are you saying that so you’ve got a car with 800 horsepower yeah so when you got 600 yeah yeah all right you win this round this one goes for how much 260 thousand US dollars three hundred and sixty thousand dollars our Rolls Royce Cullinan black badge entry-level price five hundred thousand dollars so there’s a little bit of a price difference is that because you guys gonna get the G 900 yeah okay yeah if you’ve gotten your hands on that one that’s more expensive than the Rolls Royce : and black badge how much does it go for $700,000 a G Wagen for $700,000 you guys that’s mad okay right we’ll just have to put up with your G 800 for now Hey look I’m bagging it but I think was I can because I know there’s a version with 100 watts power more but this is actually I am impressed it looks pretty damn cool I have to say I have one thing that I’ve just noticed straight away is your matching brake callipers material yeah as opposed to the normal just standard Mercedes one it adds on an extra four inches to the width of car know we’ve got 23 inch wheels and on the roses they got only 22 inch wheels there’s this damn they’re trash in our rolls how can you trash a Rolls not possible I mean I’m gonna okay well you guys do your thing we’ll get you back in a minute yeah we’ll get you back this is why this car is worth half a million dollars it’s classic for a reason come on over guys we have beautiful suicide doors on the back you’ve got the carbon fiber still running through the details here in the back even this this wall lambswool Matt this is $1,500 just for this so everything’s like an option but I don’t think you’d want a rolls-royce without the lambswool Matt have to stay so soft it’s ridiculous so you’ve got that and then that’s just the tiniest basic most basic little feature this is my favorite part what oh I don’t think most cars out there a crystal canister for champagne okay but it gets better cuz there’s not one freeze oh wow more room for drinks this one is just room temperature though so you got two different options that’s pretty cool you’ve got these little tables here little button over here and then if you pay extra you get these screens in the back as well so you’ve got a full infotainment so you can also control like what what the driver is doing up there by this the radio yeah laps you could add maps and put in everything you don’t have to talk to the driver that’s pretty good no who wants to talk to the driver no you don’t do anything and then the other thing you guys is you’ve got these curtains here as well and then of course you’ve got the door closed buttons in the back as well and it’s right here by your head there’s just one thing I don’t like about the backseat opening this door it is seriously heavy and it’s awkward and you don’t want any kind of awkwardness and heaviness when you buy a rolls-royce now the reason is is that if you are in this car someone’s probably always gonna open the back seat for you and so if I was a chef or and I open the door for you it’s an umbrella so you don’t have to get wet you don’t lift your finger I’ll open it it’s pretty fancy it’s pretty fancy I love that that’s one this infinity symbol you kind of see it around and about the car yeah it’s here as well exactly this refers to a speedboat in the 1930s that was run on rolls-royce engines and it actually broke a world speed record so that kind of throws back to the the history of rolls-royce and just how powerful rolls-royce engines have been for quite some time so you’ve got that little nice little reminder here of what is under the hood look flash yeah so there is a partition between you and the suitcases in the back because who wants to hear what’s rummaging around in the back now you guys look up here it has a node all right do you guys the old dog lovers because of this glass partition here it’s sealed off so there’s no air coming in hope they tell owners as soon as they sell the car to them listen guys this is why we don’t have we have this no dog symbol is because they literally won’t be able to breathe in the back you do the honors go for it oh wow expect that to be honest and what is this contraption crazy this is CC by a picnic seats you have to actually manually lift the back of the seat bit disappointing honestly but pretty good you bust out those champagne glasses and you pop them on this okay nicely ok girls there you go you you have a cop on that chair because I want you to feel how freaking special that is all right so now you’re having a picnic in the back of your rolls-royce so now let’s have a look at how fast this baby goes it accelerates from zero to 100 in 4.1 seconds and take a look at how it’s lifting it’s insane all right I think that’s it doing the review with us also to Imelda and Gracie in the g-wagon the bravas gee that was super cool we just saw that the Mercedes projection might actually is on the whole time as they drive by that’s a statement isn’t it making such a scene it’s pretty cool thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you next time

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