Most Extreme 4D Racing Simulator Tested!

Most Extreme 4D Racing Simulator Tested!


This racing simulator is so intense it almost threw me out of the driver’s seat! Special thanks to @VirtualDreamSimulator

oh i feel a bit motion sickness just looking at it [Music] hiya what’s up guys supercar blondie here look at this this is a simulator like an extreme simulator and we’re gonna check out like how it works today and get the full experience right here in the desert look they’ve actually got a crane here to lift it off it’s massive this thing and it goes in all different directions they’re going to lift this off and plop it here right smack bang in the middle of the desert let’s get this day going [Music] so nathan’s come out to work the generator nathan brought a generator yeah he’s like he’s saying all these numbers that i don’t understand like 400 something i don’t know and i was like yeah that should do it so hold on you’re saying this needs electricity yeah it needs electricity and we brought it into the middle of the desert because we wanted to make things difficult you’re in the middle of a road here yeah just thought we’d give everyone a bit of a show um so it’s so random the stuff that we do isn’t it look at these hydraulics here so you’ve got two on a boat on each side one here one here and two on this side as well that’s going to give you an idea of how extreme this thing is going to be and then you’ve got the motors here powering this beast that’s why we had to bring the generator as well and then you’ve got actually a kill switch emergency only guys what racing simulator needs an emergency kill switch seriously and then you’ve got these babies look you’ve got surround sound speakers here and in the back see these yes and then you’ve got three screens so you feel like you’re totally surrounded by the race all right so okay i’m gonna need these harnesses right because it you can actually fall off this thing all right okay buckle up all right guys um i’m going to restart the race and this is the most important button are you ready for this okay ready okay ready [Applause] [Music] ridiculous this is ridiculous oh my goodness ready ready ready ready [Music] i don’t know how you went to collins concentrate on the race like this it’s pretty cool you’ve got these pedals here as well accelerator you hear that through the speakers you got the brake don’t really need to use the clutch for this game so here we go [Music] [Music] okay i think i’m not a pro at this as you can probably tell all right i’m gonna motion down this is my favorite a moment of peace isn’t that unbelievable you guys 40 000 this baby costs all right that’s it guys just wanted to show you this incredible thing thank you so much to motion sim for making this happen um they’ve actually trucked it all the way into the middle of the desert here which is just crazy like the perfect location for something like this you’ve got the breeze in your face it’s almost like you’re driving a convertible when you’re out here i love it all right that’s it thanks so much for watching leave me here i’ll be here for a few hours i think three hours later [Music] you

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