Most Insane Car That Can Power A Village!

Most Insane Car That Can Power A Village!


I found the most insane car of 2019, that can power a small village of 600 households! The RAESR Tachyon Speed stands for Rice Advanced Engineering Systems and Research, with 1250HP manufactured in California which is fully street legal!Thanks to the RAESR Team for letting me take it for a spin – Follow me on:Music by:Astral Projection – Elevated Mind

you’re good check this out yeah can you open it this is the Rays are in LA Eric welcome to California thank you so much for having me Eric is the founder CEO and janitor oh he does your baby this is my baby third child I have to direct so this is my third child is your third baby okay okay so this is the razor and this is the only one in the world at the moment right Eric yes ok taecyeon speed tachyon is a particle in theoretical physics that always travels faster than the speed of light huh so with this car you’re really trying to push the boundaries of speed of electric power trains for sure and this is an electric cars would you ever believe that looking at this you think it’d have some kind of roaring veto a naturally aspirated v12 in it to match these kind of looks got us fully electric yes why was doing something electric important to you we wanted to be relevant in the coming decades and definitely it would have been much easier to put a nice twin-turbo v8 in there yeah or you know something like that American style because definitely most of our engineering and troubleshooting has been with working out such a high powered electric battery pack and powertrain with four-wheel independent torque vectoring and that’s sort of thing so I like a challenge yes we’re someone ambitious for a small a small team to try to do something this extreme all right let’s open her up cuz this is crazy you you can only see one seat here you can only see one seat here but they’re actually two you know so this is the wheel this is a wheel that actually well I suppose controls parts of the car so we can open the front door right here it says open front door that’s pretty cool that you can control the doors from the steering wheel can we have your hope so you call this a working prototype yes we would like a normal concept car that developed the body design on like a shell that would it wasn’t functional we basically engineered the chassis first what’s the weight of the car your current weight wet is probably around 3,200 pounds per blade and it’s got 12 hundred and 50 horsepower that’s merely one to one so 1,250 horsepower with fourteen hundred kilos of car what’s weird is you can you can’t even tell there’s a second backseat you can’t even see see it when they just assume it’s a one-seat yeah it’s not and there’s a purpose there’s a reason why you guys have done that what happened was usually this would be where the engine would go because it has no engine has the batteries for the electric motors along you so down here it means that they had this space to do something with this space so why not put in a passenger seat which is where where are the batteries you can actually take a peek through and you’ll see that they’re about how long six feet and um six feet yeah six feet of battery very low center gravity the center gravity of this car is you know inches off the ground and you can raise this then see the thing is guys this is road-legal when did you guys get your handshake on December 22 not even normally exactly like today this is super new yes we can now legally drive this yep that’s crazy good I know you argue a twinkle in your own little circle and all of these buttons here they’re not just for show obviously right they’re all actually control functional the right button boxes our motion controls in the left is lady I’m going to the licensed rolling yeah road-legal baby it has a license plate isn’t that crazy popping up and trying to film Roy you just expect these to roar to life something that looks like this you just expect that out of it this is dead quiet because of course it’s fully electric are you guys thinking of putting some kind of sound in well let me turn on all the cooling stuff and it sounds like a fighter jet oh yeah there’s very high-powered fans all around the car that are cool that are doing the cooling for the motors as well as the motor controllers and the batteries so when you hear all that on it definitely has a whoosh kind of sound how many electric motors is that huh there’s six total six each is about 300 horsepower yeah putting us about 1200 we’re all bears – in the back and sorry for in the back to the right for in the back – yeah – two per wheel on those brake pads or our high-performance brake pads from some race car yes ecology that’s already existing what could you take that was already existing and what did you have to develop yourself the battery pack and that’s that’s the big thing especially with the electric vehicles at the moment yeah and then what the requirements he gave me – to achieve um if there’s nothing out there that can do that yes the burst of electricity that this thing could put out at its maximum performance is about 1.4 megawatt which is enough to like power up small village for that instant burst of power which is what he really wanted yeah how do you go about getting a car that looks this crazy road-legal it took several years to upstate dinners and presents at Christmas and whatnot and bribe the appropriate yeah and the real story know that well number one in California we were able to pass a smog but we we entered as a category California called specialty vehicle manufacturing so they allow five hundred cars a year okay to pass but you do have to meet break and light inspection so that wasn’t mean break break in life Oh breaking breaking breaking if you are a specialty manufacturer they’re going to be a little bit more lenient when it comes to road worthiness okay has to meet basic safety precautions right how much is this gonna go for starting price around 750,000 up to one point something depending on what the customer desires depending on how many kilowatts the price keeps coming down right the more that you know more say go buy exactly yeah okay so if you want more power obviously the price is gonna go up yes so what’s the power gonna start up at 750 um we’re excited to work with some a lot of there’s been a lot of new component component development under with formulat being popular and from the one developing incredibly power dense motors like when we came out this and shopped around for the most power dense motors is around five kilowatts per kilogram yeah now they’re pretty much double that what do you mean so you’re gonna be using that technology yes but still the power has to come from the batteries so that’s still the weak link and that for us it was more for this concept car it was more about developing the power it’s more of a sprint car it doesn’t have much range but it depends what the customer wants to that’s being small we can customize if they want a pure electric car if they want to plug-in hybrid we can do so and when will this be ready we’re taking orders right now really yeah but an 18-month build really sir okay so if I order one today seven 50,000 will likely be driving on the streets in a year and a year and a half if all goes well depends how much customization you want you know people must ask you all the time how in the world do you go from nothing to building your own supercar what is your advice depends on how deep your pockets are because it’s never gonna be cheap but we were pretty limited in funding so there’s a lot of foster arts a lot of but waiting is done on a network of you know suppliers and engineers and consultants that you now we have that networks right it took time so it’s about being connected meeting the right people yeah we did it all over time and yet mistakes are you ready look at this yeah so here there’s just a little drive button this is drive neutral fellowship that you get yeah on this side of the car yeah it’s how it is baby ride height so we’re going up to drive around the streets of LA what’s his rear arrow so we can move the wind Henry yeah okay I’ll start now yeah do it which one will go down red down green up Wow pop I can take my foot off the brake because the the handbrake is off look there’s a handbrake here and then we go that’s it just put your foot on the accelerator off you go how’s it going we’re good right there stay right there for a second that’s it that’s the racer here in LA it’s been Eric’s baby his life’s work he’s really worked so hard to get to this moment and here we are driving it around on the streets of LA big big thank you to you guys for letting me be one of the first people to drive your car I’m honored thank you and a big thanks to you for watching thank you so so much for watching please give me a quick thumbs up make sure to spread the word subscribe to my channel and we’re gonna see you in some other crazy supercar or hyper car somewhere else in the world

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