Moto Adonis turned Harley-Davidson LiveWire into a crazy custom

Moto Adonis turned Harley-Davidson LiveWire into a crazy custom


Moto Adonis, a Dutch custom shop, has turned this Harley-Davidson LiveWire into a functional piece of art.

When it came to the general direction of this custom build, the Moto Adonis team agreed that they would do their best in terms of modifications. No minor tweaks here and there, and no out-of-the-box modifications. Instead, the team decided to go for a thorough redesign of the bike’s styling. From the outset, the Adonis Moto wanted to keep the LiveWire’s rideable ability as such, all modifications to this build focused on maintaining its ergonomics and performance.

The assembly began with a concept sketch, with more subtle design elements agreed by Moto Adonis and their customer. After the parts were smoothed and the digital renders were done, the team began the assembly process with cardboard and tape. Once the lines and corners were completed, the team proceeded to fabricate all of the body panels in aluminum. Using traditional methods and tools like hammers, an English wheel and a lot of welding, the bike began to take shape.

When the intricate bodywork was eliminated, the team turned their attention to electrical equipment. To complete the futuristic yet minimalist styling, several LED lights have been integrated into the body.

These lights featured the ability to change color with one click of a switch in the mobile app on your smartphone. A seat and tail section was made, inside which a piece of electronic components was hidden.

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