Motorcycle for bikers anime

Motorcycle for bikers anime


In the Internet appeared the render image of the prototype motorcycle from the anime Akira. The data renderings developed by the designer James Qiu.

It is worth noting the high level of detail: drawn, each element, each sticker in its place. You can also pay attention to the tread on the Pirelli tyres and dents in the seat from Recaro.

In this case the artist has added something of their own, for example, on the bike came digital sensors and screens that were not on the original motorcycle from the anime. In particular, the edges of a large bubble windshield, the designer has placed his name.


The most notable difference from the bike from the anime is the presence of 4 mufflers that stick out on both sides.

Do the work of the artist causes one delighted. And if ever someone from the motorcycle manufacturers decide to make the bike from Akira serial, it is quite possible that he will take the project Qiu.

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