Motorcycle jet fuel marine


Motorcycle, modernized on the basis of the stock of motorcycles Kawasaki KLR650, used in the us military for quite some time. But now, with the modified powerplant, it will become even easier and simpler. Motorcycles can drive like a diesel, and jet fuel.

The military version is still denoted M103M1. Redone engine, according to the California Bureau which was engaged in modernization, produces two times more power than before.


In addition, the motorcycle is very economical – it consumes just 2.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Among other changes compared to the stock Japanese motorcycles – completely closed and all reflective surfaces, including a fork – to avoid glare and reflections, it is necessary to preserve secrecy of movement that the technique was more subtle. With the same purpose have been upgraded and all light equipment. Tank increased to 23 liters. And all parts that were possible, made watertight and protected from dust and dirt.

The bike and after upgrading still is only military and not sold to civilians.

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