Motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja will be electric

Motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja will be electric

The company Kawasaki has filed a patent application on a Ninja motorcycle, which will now be run on a removable electric battery.

In the documents submitted described a unique rechargeable system, which soon may even be called innovative.

At first glance frame electric Ninja might look usually. However, it will have hinges or latches that help to change the battery.

On the patent drawings it is seen that one side of the frame is separated from the rack behind the steering stem and front of the rear swingarm, which allows the rack to slide freely and “snap” the battery. Thus, the owner is discharged to install a new battery and go on. The process will take no more than two minutes against the required 35 charging, as is happening now.

Note that the entire battery replacement process, similar to the scheme that was developed in Israel for electric cars, Better Place. But then the program was terminated due to insufficient funding.

However, Kawasaki does not need to worry, with the support of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, who have teamed up to create a standard replacement battery and charger for electric motorcycles.

Until, of course, too early to talk about whether to bring your electric Kawasaki Ninja on the market, but this patent shows that the company is actively working on it.

As previously reported, Harley-Davidson revealed at the Geneva motor show its first electric motorcycle LiveWire and provided more information about its technical characteristics.

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