Motorcycle Royal Enfield Classic got ABS as standard

Motorcycle Royal Enfield Classic got ABS as standard

Popular in the Indian market, and also among fans of “living retro” motorcycle Royal Enfield Classic 500, received in the line of 2018 new version with ABS as standard.

Model 2018 Classic 500 now comes not only with ABS but with rear disc brakes (was drum) and the passenger seat in the standard. Prices start from level 5 to 600 dollars. Color scheme for versions for the Western market consists of five variants – two regular (black and swamp green) and three “military” (“military green” sand coloured “desert storm” and blue Squadron Blue).

The first new motorcycles will be offered for the North American market.

“Adding ABS increases the confidence level of the motorcycle for experienced pilots, but new colors will add to its Classic,” said President of North American brand representation of Royal Enfield North America the Genus Cops.

In the USA the updated model available from June 2018. Other market motorcycle will be updated later.

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world with a rich history. She was born in England in 1891 and initially specialized in the production of components for small arms. The first motorcycle was produced in 1901. Since then a huge number of motorcycles rolled off the Assembly line, Royal Enfield. In the late 60s, when Europe’s crisis erupted in monopropylene, Royal Enfield was bought by the Indian company at that time specializing in partial Assembly Royal Enfield motorbike for the needs of the Indian army and police. Since then, the legendary brand is going on the Indian plant in Chennai. 1984 bikes export to England and other European countries. Those cars that go abroad, have better build quality than the Indian specimens, and technical equipment.