Motorcycles Honda CB1100 RS limited edition 5FOUR

Motorcycles Honda CB1100 RS limited edition 5FOUR


Honda Motor has released a limited series of motorcycles CB1100 RS – in the performance of the CB1100 RS 5FOUR.

Motorcycles prepared jointly by the British division of Honda – Honda UK – and Atelier 5Four Motorcycles.

Each of the 54 motorcycles, and so much of them will be released, boasts expressive, evocative single seat, and a large handle in the style of the Honda of the 1980-ies.

Edition motorcycle dedicated to the 50th anniversary since the release of the model CB750. This motorcycle is a series of custom bikes, which occasionally offers a “Honda” on the basis of their “sobisek”.


Each of the 54 will have a sign with a unique number. Each of CB1100 RS 5FOUR will Showa suspension, 17-inch aluminum wheels, aluminum body kit on the handlebars handmade racing titanium muffler (for use only on the track).

“From the moment I first saw the CB1100 RS, I realized that it just begs to turn it into something that we eventually turned. Even the coloring makes me remember my youth, when Honda dominated the endurance races,” says guy Willison (Guy Willison), creative Director 5Four Motorcycles.

Motorcycles can be ordered from any Honda dealer in the UK. Price – 15 of 554 pounds ($19 400). There are different financing schemes.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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