Motorostoitel-startup Arc Motorcycle has filed for bankruptcy

Motorostoitel-startup Arc Motorcycle has filed for bankruptcy


Arc Motorcycle startup filed for bankruptcy. It happened just two months after the company through crowdfunding has been able to gather on the implementation of its motorcycle project is nothing short of 950,000 pounds (about $ 1.1 million).

We will remind, Motorcycles Arc was developing (and planned to sell at high prices) fully electric motorcycle called Vector.

Its new prospective manufacturer is positioned as the most advanced motorcycle in the world. Release it gathered at a new plant in South Wales (UK). Planned to start in 2020.

Was just announced and pre-orders for the futuristic electro-cafe racer – at a price of as much as 90 000 pounds ($110 940). What happened to the money and what will happen to ordered unclear.


Neo cafĂ© racer was first shown in Milan at the EICMA exhibition in November last year. Expected to collect orders for almost 400 vehicles and produce stories for a year and a half. It was promised that everything will be great: the electric motor on 399 Volts, outstanding 133 BHP Torque – 148 Nm. An Autonomous stock turn – 435 km. And is in mixed mode. In the city – up to 600 km, on the highway – a little more than three hundred. Disperse hundreds – 3 seconds. Maximum speed – 200 km/h No clutch, no gear – just you and the open highway. Announced charging time of the special device of quick current – 45 minutes.

What are financial turmoil and filing for bankruptcy, and is not this another example of fraud in the field of crowdfunding is unclear.

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