Motovilovka EICMA 2020 canceled

Motovilovka EICMA 2020 canceled


Just over 10 days ago it became known about the abolition of the Motorshow Intermot in Cologne 2020. The organizers announced that the event 2020 will not be carried out, and now begins the preparation for the show in 2022.

While Intermot is the second largest and most important exhibition in the world, all the attention was focused on the EICMA. Recently it became known that the Milan motorcycle show is also canceled. All due to the effects of COVID-19 and the reluctance of many potential participants to attend.

So, the exhibition EICMA 2020 is cancelled, the organizers begin preparations for the show 2021.


Paolo Magri, managing Director of EICMA:

“The significance and global leadership of the exhibition convinced us not to risk health in the light of the events connected with the situation around COVID-19.”

The question remains how relevant will the exhibition EICMA, along with other poslegarantijnoe in the world, as more and more people are accustomed to online presentations and premieres.

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