Movie instead of a football stadium turned into a drive-in theater

Movie instead of a football stadium turned into a drive-in theater


American stadium Hard Rock Stadium proposed to convert into a giant drive-in theater under the open sky. Football field turned into a Parking lot for 230 cars, and install a huge screen on which will turn the landmark matches, classic films, concerts, and more.

The pandemic coronavirus all sports activities in the USA were cancelled, many stadiums and other sports facilities rented car manufacturers to store unsold cars. However, the football club “Miami Dolphins” came up with a different way of using their home stadium Hard Rock Stadium – the team has proposed to turn it into one of the largest automotive kinoteatrov. On the one hand, this allows you to recoup the cost of maintaining the site, with another – will allow Americans to watch movies and games, keeping social distance.


Visit Hard Rock Stadium in Instagram appeared a few images that might look like a drive-in theater. One of the renders shows a variant of placing cars on the field, and on the other machine displayed in the Parking lot at the stadium.

The specificity of chocolates under the open sky is that the audience watching the movie from the car.

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