“MPs” are a thing of the past…

“MPs” are a thing of the past…


Once in the model range of the Japanese company Mazda, several models of the MPS sports line were presented, but they have almost no chance to return to the market.

Japanese company Mazda has been aiming for active promotion in the premium segment for some time. As it turned out, the change of brand concept can not do without victims: as the brand’s press Secretary drew Carey said, Mazda is not going to return the MPS line to the market. Cars with the MPS index (Mazda Performance Series) first appeared in 2006 and were more sporty versions of “civilian” models. In the US, they were called Mazdaspeed. Gradually, all MPS modifications disappeared from the Mazda model line.

The Mazda press Secretary did not please the brand’s fans: according to Carey, MPS models have left the market and will most likely never return. “We have no plans to bring MPS back as we move into the premium segment,” he said. To do this, the Japanese pay special attention to improving the quality of their models, not forgetting, however, about the handling and dynamics. In a sense, the replacement of the MPS line will be the Turbo versions, which will differ in improved dynamics and a more sporty appearance.

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