Muscle Cars vs Cowboys | Pony Express Race USA

Muscle Cars vs Cowboys | Pony Express Race USA


Tanner and Rutledge head to the old west in souped up Mustangs to have a relay race against two riders on horseback from Dead Horse Point State Park to the Colorado River. : Rutledge is in the 2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustang and Tanner chose the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302.Taken from USA Series 2, Episode 10.WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

so the challenge today is can we with our new school technology beat their old school oh yeah but over this kind of nasty terrain they can just go straight there the roads go all the way around these huge cliffs the horses could cut straight across country to the finish line seven miles away but they would be going across some of the roughest terrain in America our cars would be traveling on paved roads the entire way but have to travel a full forty six miles to the finish and keeping the spirit of the Pony Express where riders would have to hand off mail filled satchels to each other mid gallop we’d be using leather saddlebags for our relay race I would begin the race in the boss and then make the handoff to Rutledge in the Roush at the halfway point 23 miles down the road the second rider was also staged half way to the finish line waiting for the handoff from buzz and Johnny Cash three and a half miles away the starting line was on a perfectly straight stretch of road but tragically the speed limit was 25 and that’s 25 that’s all I can do what because while I was stuck at 25 buzzing Johnny Cash galloped off heading straight across the grasslands to the edge of the Mesa three miles away 25 miles an hour on such an epic road buzz and Johnny Cash had already covered a mile and with just two and a half miles from the handoff point but the boss was about to be unleashed because just ahead was a 75 mile an hour zone all right here goes my line oh yes sound like the engine is right basically between my feet it’s really a nice sound the shifting is super positive what would you notice about this car is how composed it is there’s no drama even the way that engine picks up its speed I’d managed to make up time as I took advantage of everything modern technology had to offer we were back in the game buzz and Johnny Cash were recreating the past at 10 miles an hour and for the first time in this race the boss had the advantage then the road began sneaking down to the valley below I know Mustangs are great in a straight line record I had my doubts felt pretty composed go pretty balanced gotta be honest with you it’s all feeling quite good was so fun come on 3G come on meanwhile buzz and Johnny Cash had reached the cliffs just a few hundred yards away from the head of the canyon where the second rider waited for the handoff their handoff was perfect and a brother Jan I were gonna have a chance ours would have to be the same hey Rutledge you ready copy Rutledge yeah where are you what are you doing go go go go come on oh come up here I relish I’m gonna do a 180 and then I just want you to come up next to me copy that what are you doing you’re going the roadway come on okay I can’t go over the line take it just throw it let’s throw it to me throw it I got it that’s a terrible throw ky Rutledge I’m getting in there our handoff couldn’t have gone worse who’s clumsy was slow and worst of all I was stuff riding shotgun what took so long Oh 30 zone 30 zone what it’s I’m gonna go to the speed limit I don’t want to get a ticket this thing going 22 it stands out 30 it’s a 30 mile per hour zone that means speed limit you go under that oh you’re almost going 47 careful you might hit the limit that’s the highest you can go Rutledge is driving was making me lose hope but thankfully our four-legged competition was reduced to a slow walk as it recovered from the gallop this was our chance to get back in the lead yeah like it right these are feet on the power again we are gonna break before the turn just so you know the full throttle release ease off wait for it beating on a little more gas Daniel ain’t feeding on me down yeah full throttle I mean I’ve driven a car before you know all this was going to be a close really short-shifting at a time like this ever doubt ever down Ricky and slinger one full gallop with just a hundred yards to go go you gotta go fast go go go using was not an option you got it hundred years of research racing design and engineering would all be for nothing if we couldn’t be just one horse watch out for the rocks we’re gonna die go come on hammer down right Oh believable come on do you know what this means relic I’m pretty sure this means we lost ice work it’s good work you

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