Musk arrives at Cybertruck at Tesla’s new plant in Texas (video)

Musk arrives at Cybertruck at Tesla’s new plant in Texas (video)


Elon Musk visited the Giga Texas plant under construction: the head of Tesla arrived at the construction site in a Cybertruck electric car and traveled around the territory of the future enterprise. After Musk’s visit, photos of a pickup truck appeared on the Web, including a close-up interior – Cybertruck had the same steering wheel as the recently updated Tesla Model S.

At the beginning of 2021, it was reported that the design phase of the production version of the Tesla Cybertruck was completed. Engineers have already approved the final design of the electric pickup, which can be on the assembly line before the end of this year. However, Musk arrived at the new plant on the same pre-production prototype, which was shown to the public back in 2019.

A steering wheel is installed in the interior of the prototype, similar to the one that the updated Tesla Model S received. This element raised questions: many users doubted the legality of installing such a steering mechanism on a production car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was unable to determine if such a steering wheel meets Federal Vehicle Safety Standards and contacted the automaker for more information.

A video posted on Twitter shows the Tesla Cybertruck driving on the sand, with clods of dirt sticking to the truck’s wheels and sills.

Earlier it was reported that the serial Cybertruck will not have door handles, even retractable ones. However, the prototype captured in the photographs still has them.

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