Musk promised a retro charging station with a movie and restaurant

Musk promised a retro charging station with a movie and restaurant


A new Tesla charging station will soon open in Santa Monica, California. There, the head of the company, Elon Musk, intends to fulfill his long-held dream of creating a complex in the style of the 50s with a restaurant serving customers who do not need to get out of their cars.

Such restaurants were widespread in the post-war years, but gradually their popularity in the United States began to decline, since the service time was longer than in ordinary establishments. However, if you charge your electric car while waiting and eating, your time is not wasted.

For the first time, Musk expressed the idea of ​​combining a charging station with a restaurant in 2018, but so far it has not come to its implementation. Now we are talking about a restaurant for 50 cars and even an open-air cinema for 100 cars. The latter will feature clips cut from the top 100 movies in history.

Musk did not mention the total number of charging terminals, but it can be assumed that every parking space in the restaurant and in the cinema will be equipped with network connectivity.

The news about the construction of a charging station in Santa Monica came amid reports of congestion on the Tesla-branded Supercharger network, which is no longer enough for all owners of electric vehicles. To address the issue in California, the automaker introduced a 50% overnight discount to incentivize customers and unload charging during peak hours, writes

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