Musk promises the safest ATV in the world

Musk promises the safest ATV in the world


The Tesla Cyberquad electric ATV may become the safest in the world – at least, so the head of Tesla Elon Musk plans to make it. At a meeting with shareholders, he noted that the creation of an ATV is not an easy task for the brand’s engineers, since such a technique is “quite dangerous” in itself. However, with its low center of gravity and custom suspension design, the Cyberquad will be an exception, Musk hopes.

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck electric pickup back in 2019, and with it showed the Cyberquad ATV, which was meant as an option: it was placed in the back of the pickup. Since then, the start of production of the Cybertruck has been postponed several times, and there was no news of the ATV at all until Tesla filed an application to register the Cyberquad trademark last week.

Following this, new information about the model was revealed by Elon Musk. The Cyberquad battery will be positioned as low as possible, which will give the ATV a low center of gravity, which will reduce the likelihood of overturning, which is the main danger, he said.

In addition, the engineers will work on the suspension to prevent the ATV from rolling downhill. “When the ATV rolls around, bad things happen. It will be an ATV that does not roll, ”Musk said.

At what stage the work on Cyberquad is currently, it is not known. Two years ago, at the premiere of Cybertruck, Tesla showed a redesigned Yamaha Raptor powered by an electric motor from ZERO motorcycles. As for the pickup itself, its assembly will start no earlier than 2022.

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