Musk wants Tesla to send Cybertruck in interplanetary travel

Musk wants Tesla to send Cybertruck in interplanetary travel


Twitter users EN masse write to Elon musk with a request to run a new truck Cybertruck in space for example the Tesla Roadster, which was sent there in February 2018. One of our subscribers Mask even created a short animated video in which the pickup is at the top of the rocket, the Falcon Heavy.

Musk drew attention to the requests of their fans and said that pickup better get on a Starship – a spaceship for interplanetary travel, developed by his company SpaceX. The first prototypes of interplanetary liner is almost ready, and the first full orbital flight is scheduled for 2020.

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Ok guys…time to send the CyberTruck to space!?. On the spaceX Falcon Heavy for. ONE WAY ?Just another short animation I created..Have a great day or night my friends? . . . #cybertruck #tesla #spacex #falconheavy #supercars #3danimation #3dsmax #3dart #futuristic #3dartist #animation #digitalart #instagood #rocketlaunch #cgi #conceptdesign #futuristiccars #3dmotiongraphics #instaart #3d #graphics #aftereffects #visualisation #vfx #mograph #c4d #conceptart

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Earlier it was reported that a pickup truck Cybertruck made from the same heavy-duty steel, which is used in the creation of SpaceX rockets. In many ways, so the electric car was so unusual wedge shape with sharp edges. According to the Mask, this material is extremely difficult to work with because it is not good for pressing.

As mentioned the Tesla Roadster, then it launched into space by carrier rocket Falcon Heavy, and since then it has been almost two years. For the first year the car was removed from the Earth for 364 million kilometers. Portal WhereIsRoadster in real-time tracks the location of the electric vehicle, and learn the distance at which he departed from the Earth, Mars and the Sun.

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