Mustang Mach-E sent for repair

Mustang Mach-E sent for repair


The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E has been recalled twice due to improper windshield and panoramic sunroof attachment. More than 31 thousand electric cars fall under the service campaign.

The problem with 17,692 Ford Mustang E-Machs is that their windshields are not fixed according to the rules. The glass roof panels of 13,544 cars were improperly secured.

Due to poor bonding agent, electric vehicle owners may experience water leakage. And there is a more serious problem: the windshield can come off, which in the event of an accident will increase the risk of injury.

Nobody has suffered from this defect yet. The American automaker began investigating this problem back in the summer. And this is not the first time that Ford has sent its cars for repairs on a similar occasion. In February, the recall affected one 2021 Ford F-150 whose windshield suffered from a similar adhesion problem.

Dealers will remove and reinstall the windshields of damaged vehicles.

For the glass roof, the automaker will clean the area around the glass and add glue as needed. All work will be done free of charge. The brand will start notifying customers about the recall from October 27.

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