Mustang Mach E will turn into a “wild stallion”

Mustang Mach E will turn into a “wild stallion”


The Ford concern said that the future electric car Mustang Mach E will receive three driving modes: Whisper, Active and Untamed.

Active or “active” will be the standard driving mode. At the same time, the settings of the car can be called rather eco – friendly-the car will react rather sluggishly to pressing the accelerator pedal, provoking the driver to a calm, economical ride.

Untamed can be translated as “unbroken” or “wild”, which is a very appropriate epithet for all Mustangs, in the sense of wild American horses. But in reality, this is a classic sports mode with driver settings for the accelerator pedal and steering. For the entourage, the standard turquoise lighting of the instruments changes to orange, and the volume of the audio system automatically increases.

Whisper is translated from English as “whisper” and it is the most comfortable mode with ambient interior lighting, a muted audio system and the most stringent settings of the stabilization system, which make the car’s operation as easy as possible.

For all modes, the function of engine braking when the accelerator pedal is released is available. It is enabled separately.

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