Mustang Shelby GT500: power, need more power!

Mustang Shelby GT500: power, need more power!


Firm Shelby American has announced a package of improvements for the most powerful Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. He will raise out of the eight to more than 800 horsepower. Simultaneously, a similar set, but without the power upgrade, are presented for the younger modification Shelby GT350.

Package Carroll Shelby Signature Edition can be ordered for the Ford Shelby GT500 2020 either for Shelby GT350 sample 2015-2020. Moreover, be converted into edition SE will only have a hundred cars of each model year. “Limited edition Carroll Shelby Signature Edition takes account of the amazing capabilities of these vehicles, says company President Gary Patterson. It makes them more aggressive, refined and exclusive”. In confirmation of the words, each muscle will have a unique chassis number and will be included in the Shelby American registry – a compartment it does not registered.

Dvuhdverka Ford Shelby GT500SE is a carbon fiber hood with functional slots, which allowed to throw 13.6 kilograms of the total weight of a set of new wheels, a special suspension settings, coupled with short springs, a unique decoration, nameplates, and stripes.


But most importantly, the refinement of the engine, which returns compressor V8 5.2 with 770 horsepower rose to more than 800. However, nothing unexpected in winter Shelby showed ultimately the newest with five-liter engine, which removed 836 forces.

For the Shelby GT350 offered almost all the same, but without increasing the capacity – for a fee you can install widebody-orives. The first customers who booked the car till August 14, is provided with First set of 15, which included photos of their car autographed by Shelby guide, accommodation in Las Vegas and a few nice bonuses.

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