My $35 Million Ultimate Dream Mansion!

My $35 Million Ultimate Dream Mansion!


I got to see inside this $35 million palm mansion in Dubai. When you buy it, it comes with a Ferrari and Rolls Royce already parked in the garage. Also, my favorite thing is the CANDY ROOM!!! Check this out guys! xx Special thanks to LuxHabitat – Listing Agent Leigh Borg – +971501037547Https://WWW.ONE100PALM.COMCheck out Joe’s channel – Sergi –

this is worth twenty thousand dollars right here this eminem and then look at that this is oh my god what’s up it’s supercar blondie here and i have joe joe he’s a massive youtuber um and he’s joining me here today for this amazing villa tour go check out his channel he has like crazy stuff on his channel i love it thank you so and this is serge you guys know serge what’s going on so today we are going to show you the most incredible villa i have ever seen ever 35 million dollars this thing cost you guys 35 mil yeah so excited i’m so excited okay right first thing to show you is behind this door all right this wheel is actually for sale it’s by lux habitat sotheby’s and you can check it out their link is in the description underneath this video if you buy this villa they throw in a ferrari 599 gto and a rolls royce wraith this is for free you guys you get these cars for free if you buy the villa whatever car you’re parking here it will display the logo of that car so at the moment you’ve got a ferrari and you’ve got the rolls royce here but if you park a lamborghini here you can just change that to the lamborghini logo i’ve literally never seen that anywhere i’ve never seen a house come with a car the two cars okay first things first this skill is so fancy we need to take off our shoes is that real this is real so it’s kind of floating on an island at the moment but this is a real customized harley-davidson it’s called the ultra glide and it’s fully customized guys it’s got 23 inch you can drive this it’s fully drivable it’s art like they’ve placed it as artwork 100 000 right here but you can actually just take this down to the rta and like register and then go on the road look out here you guys this is crazy this is like my dream house you guys this is gold look how massive this infinity pool is looking straight out to your private beach so this all this is by bentley and then you’ve got fendi carpets over here too there everything is designer and this is at least half a million dollars of furniture right here just in this room in this living room yeah half a million dollars the numbers the numbers i’m gonna i’m gonna throw numbers at you all through this video but this doesn’t come with the house like it doesn’t come furnished everything comes with the house everything everything everything the view every the view yeah you get everything so when you walk in like it’s done it’s completely done for you joe you’ve traveled a lot your videos 55 countries so far making videos but never seen so you’ve never seen something like this yeah yeah what’s the coolest thing you’ve seen yeah i filmed uh a rich people in pakistan and it was like oh yeah amazing like but it’s more this is more amazing all right here this whole wall full of champagne this costs around a hundred thousand dollars and all of this comes with the house there is a massive billboard it’s moving it’s moving it’s moving oh it’s moving it’s moving this is crazy yeah that was crazy like if this thing falls on you it kills you yeah but that’s not a bad way to go no no i was killed by a transformer the biggest most craziest mansion i’ve ever seen right yeah so this is like your outdoor space like barbecue area this thing is so casual this is your outdoor space look at this place jesus yes oh my god she’s like this is your outdoor space looks like whatever yeah like we’ll just throw we’ll just have some ms throw cushions down here can you imagine this it’s hot right now but in winter having this fireplace out here looking so crazy you’ve got the bubble bath behind you like the south oh there’s jacuzzi right don’t see it look at no this it’s super private hey i’m just i’m i’m blown away you guys blown away like i get excited about things but i’m genuinely very excited about this villa you get excited about cars but you’re getting excited about houses yeah i mean i think i’m gonna have to go for like super mansion blondie yeah from now on because this is just blowing my mind twenty thousand dollar fendi crosstalk everything cost something do so you can work off all the calories before you head to the candy room yes wow candy room oh before you pass another ten thousand dollars in champagne or more and you’ve got snacks my favorite part of the house oh my god oh my god i’m just i would just hang out right here this is a melted cheese cheese thing wow and you know why because you have two private cinemas in this villa too i’m going to show you on a sec this is worth twenty thousand dollars right here this eminem and then look at that this is your candy room okay he’s going and going going is it real so she’s already like yeah all right wait i can’t believe bill 24 hours open 400 kilos in candy 400 kilos you guys how can you even eat go through that much candy you can go through that right we’ll come back why do you need this much candy right here through here look at this secret so you get your candy bag ready your popcorn and your nachos with cheese for this you have wow there’s a curved screen too you’re a private indoor cinema yeah you’re right is this curved screen that is crazy that’s crazy man hermes rubs and pillows just i don’t know what to do with myself here it’s ridiculous it’s vibrating oh dude brush the massage it actually vibrates it’s real i don’t want to leave here i don’t want to leave oh my god i can hear your massage this is my massage your massage are you guys in for fast and furious let’s do it yeah we need some popcorn first oh yeah let’s go and get some more candy right play oh my god i’m just honestly blown away by this place this is the nicest terrace i’ve ever seen wow and look at this you’ve got this spa and you can see all the way through the ocean this is like a party house because it’s not like yeah it’s not just like big and and crazy but it’s like done with like a young kind of style yeah the tv coming out of the jacuzzi with a cinema screen they’re like a candy room is like it’s how i would make it yeah if i could design the perfect house i think this would be very very very close to it this is the craziest house i ever seen my life yeah yeah i will i’ll agree to that all right that statue you see in front of you seventy-five thousand dollars yes this is seventy thousand yes what is it is a mickey mouse it’s a richard lewinsky actually he’s quite famous he does some really cool artwork so they’re all over the house actually okay this is probably the coolest walking closet i’ve ever seen you got your louboutin you got your kenzo you’ve got chanel you’ve got your jimmy choos and then this looks like a store you know you could walk into like the the classiest store in dubai mall and this is what it would look like wow guys yeah i like you could just sneak like imagine how much just that costs yeah is that from cartoons oh that would cost literally uh 500 000 dirhams this little piece right here costs more than some other houses yeah and it’s just like a little like just there totally nice it’s got its own branding it’s called 100. so on all of the linen it’s printed 100. it’s like a hotel okay your master suite in here guys look at this view like from every room you get this incredible view with the sun’s coming down fireplace it’s not behind glass but it’s actually uh that’s real oh yeah so this whole place is connected through siri so you just shout out siri open the canons oh sorry alexa it’s all connected by alexa so you just shout out to her and she’ll do everything see look it’s all marked 100. wow look at your jacuzzi you guys if you don’t already have enough jacuzzis yeah and little steps too look at this so right now you can see through right down to the lounge room and you can actually go opaque that was like the maybach that we did it’s incredible incredible wait you’re like how does that work how does this work and then you’ve got your own like steam room this house comes with a catalogue or something i need to understand what’s inside yeah you need like a brochure for whoever comes in business yeah in the look at this view though out here just along your walkway oh lou louis vuitton literally just saying louis vuitton skateboard that’s crazy that is mad yeah and another crocodile that’s probably another 50 000 right there yeah and then in here you guys you’ve got the chef’s kitchen so this is a full professional grade kitchen and of course like you wouldn’t you would have your own private chef if you lived here probably so he would be working in here and then you guys have a show kitchen out and here have a whole like versace dinner set just sitting here you know you’re talking like off their level when you have a show kitchen like a kitchen that’s just for sure right the chef makes all the hard work and you’re out here like oh yeah just because a little bit of a little something something you know i prepared this earlier it’s just for sure i love buttons ready wow that’s a nice fridge actually yeah okay that’s it you guys i hope you liked it massive thanks to joe thank you for having me go check out his youtube channel because i absolutely love it thank you so much he’s doing great stuff go check it out the link is in the description underneath this video go give him some love guys from the supercar blondie family and sergey as always thank you so much for being here and that’s it you guys thank you so much for watching love you that’s it like and subscribe to the channel bye guys we’re out

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