My Biggest Giveaway This Year – Dream Trip on the Grand Tour of Switzerland!

My Biggest Giveaway This Year – Dream Trip on the Grand Tour of Switzerland!


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this is the grand tour of switzerland i’m taking this fully electric thai can turbo and i’m driving 1 600 kilometers across the entire country riding the most extreme elevator in the world staying in a massive castle i’m gonna swim in a cheese fondue fountain and i get to make my very own swiss watch i’m on a boat on lake luton with my porsche let’s get going this is the ferry the locals use to cross lake luzon i took it to get to our first destination on this grand tour of switzerland it’s called bergenstock birkenstock is actually a mountain in switzerland that goes up to 1.1 kilometers above sea level and sitting at the top of it is the highest exterior elevator in europe the hamadshvand lift look up here that right there is the most extreme elevator in the world bennett looks way too relaxed to be on the most extreme hike ever just wait till we push him down all of this has been updated but it’s been around since 1905 oh my goodness hope things have been updated since then look they’ve eaten into the rock just to get this lift look down here look at this frame it hangs in the middle of nowhere that’s crazy now that i can say i’ve ticked that off my bucket list on the same mountain only a hundred meters away is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world the bergenstock resort it has an alpine spa with an incredible infinity pool an awesome variety of restaurants and sergi is going to show you around their royal suite you guys want to see what 25 thousand dollars a night get to in switzerland this is the royal suite at the birkenstock hotel and this is the living room i mean this thing is huge this is made out of chocolate which blew my mind outside you have a huge terrace this thing is massive and then here this is a massive bedroom you have probably the coolest bathtub that’s a supercar bundy all right thanks serge next stop wait wait alex don’t forget to tell them about the trip that they can win do you want to win a trip to switzerland i’m gonna fly you and your mate to experience the grand tour of switzerland six nights in three luxury hotels and you get to drive your very own porsche thai can just like i’m doing right now all you need to do is go and click on the link in the description good luck guys all right thanks serge next stop start a charming friendly village surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery you will see anywhere in the world in the middle of this village is start palace a family-owned hotel that’s become an iconic focal point of this beautiful town click on boom we are going to the penthouse this penthouse costs 20 000 per night you ready this is your private lobby entrance all right but it gets better than this and i’m going to show you my favorite feature right here open fireplace this is part of my family hey guys what’s going on this is what is so spectacular with the towers here as part of your apartment and look at this view a private spa on your balcony don’t you of course so that’s ready to go oh that is so nice and wrong i’m gonna get in that soon seriously this looks like something out of a postcard where do you get to see this after soaking in those incredible views i went down to the courtyard and surprised my friends with probably the most epic picnic i’ve ever had i’ve been told by the chefs that the higher up you are the fewer calories food has and therefore you can eat as much as you want let’s dig in the only downside of great food is the not so great side effect of eating too much but luckily i had this beautiful rolls royce waiting at the entrance to you know kind of tone me away all right right now i’m taking a 1947 rolls royce silver wraith this is a chauffeur driven car so you want to be in the back of this car that’s where all the luxury is but just have a look at this i think they need to bring these lounge chairs back this is so comfy i mean come on how’s it up there well uh i have my position of copilot with the gentleman so you have to turn right on the next direction there you go and that’s what we see from the driving perspective little did i know that rolls royce was actually taking me to a secret underground bunker on the hillside of start you see that wooden bucket over there that’s actually filled with cheese and we’re gonna swim in it and this here is york say hi hi i’ve just had a whiff oh yeah it like a little whiff drift oh i’m not sure if i can do it i need my mask you can’t have your face we need your facial expressions i need a barrier [Laughter] why are you doing that it’s powerful oh god oh this is painful for my nose it’s not that bad that’s it’s not bad at all and it’s going down again oh my goodness oh too bad look how big it is wow wow wow i’ve never seen anything like this wow how much cheese do you have three thousand three thousand kilograms jesus wheels oh three thousand wheels three thousand wheels 30 tons one cheese is 10 kilos 30 tons of cheese all right so the cheese might smell really strong but it’s some of the best in the world and that bunker we just saw is essential to develop the perfect cheese but we weren’t there just to look at it we grabbed some wheels off the shelf took it back upstairs melted it and jumped into a little fondue jacuzzi alex come jump in the cheese is a perfect temperature oh sweet we’re about to bathe in half a million dollars worth of cheese all right is it just the right temperature perfect okay all right i got i didn’t bring my swimmers though don’t worry all right all right let’s do this ready gotcha actually i’m kind of disappointed i kind of wanted to bathe in chips this is your cute little fondue setup eating the cheese that we saw downstairs in the bunker look at this look at this view okay fine we didn’t actually swim in cheese that would have been epic but that’s what i call some fondue with a view and speaking of views we’re going to go even higher up into the swiss alps next we were taken by start palace to a 250 year old cabin in the alps to eat dinner all the electricity is just run on batteries there’s no wi-fi no phone reception it is a complete switch off as we climbed higher the temperatures started to drop this hut was built in 1783. oh and this is the caretaker he’s never before seen another human okay we’re going in uh what 250. yeah i say it’s time to go inside you know 250 years old it is empty this is 1783 edition this is swiss alps crips all right guys mtv cribs swiss alps edition you ready so the doors were actually this low because the farmers back then in the 1700s were short yeah look at this so this is the kitchen yes come on in guys this is how people used to live in the 1700s in switzerland look open fireplace this is this is how short they were and i’m not even that tall i’m five seven and i’m i just fit isn’t that incredible all right matthias yes come in come in but be careful with it watch your head go on your knees that’s it stand up and do the oh my god right that’s a wrap for start we’re gonna hit the road again to our final destination but before we get there we actually stopped off in a top secret location i can’t reveal exactly where it is but i’ll tell you this car collector as one of the most incredible garages you will ever see boom here we go how impressive is that you guys now come with me over here is something you’ve never seen before in a private garage this is super cool we’ve got waterfalls of smoke here now this isn’t finished yet let’s go upstairs and i’ll show you what’s up there come with me this is the coolest bachelor pad ever you’ve got your spinning piston right there in here something super cool where have you ever seen a bathtub like this all marble with ferrari rolls royce all of the brands actually engraved all right out here you can actually walk around the car you’ve got a see-through walkway so you can look at all the other cars go on how cool is this where have you ever seen this before how cool was that i mean common guys who wouldn’t want a massive rotating lift in their garage next stop on the grand tour of switzerland on our way to geneva we got to pass through some more incredible scenery i mean come on guys look at this the vineyard was just so nice we literally just had to stop the cars just to get out and appreciate the view all right here’s the deal whenever you see a grand tour sign just like this you know it’s going to be a special spot get out of your car and just appreciate the view right moving on we hopped back in the porsche thaican and drove to our final destination geneva geneva is the second most populated city in switzerland you can immediately identify it with the massive water jet in the middle of its lake called the jet door obviously that meant the lake had to be my first stop here we are lake geneva and we’re heading out with geneva boats nice pull-up location right let’s go stopped and the right side start all right guys this is balti hi he’s going to be taking us out today on lake geneva let’s do it let’s go that’s cool alex what did you do with your license all right you may know this but geneva is globally renowned for its watchmaking and its chocolate so we gotta start with the chocolate this chocolate factory is 250 years old and it makes the best chocolate in the world come with me i’m making my own supercars out of chocolate look at this ready porsche how crazy is that oh my goodness now for the paint job on my supercar we of course want gold flecks all right here we go oh yeah gold flecks for my porsche paint job how cool is this all right come with me over here an unlimited chocolate fountain oh you can feel the heat coming off of that dark chocolate and milk chocolate you won’t believe this look at this this whole chessboard and pieces are chocolate look at the marbling effect on this it looks so real crazy this is the finished product and this chocolate is such high quality that this right here would cost you a hundred dollars hundred dollars of chocolate this and this right here is my finished product oh yeah my chocolate cars all right time to eat ready hmm back wheel that wheel tastes great yum i haven’t tried the wheel yet but uh that rubber is on point yeah does the texture change depending on what part like the bumper’s extra hard breaks your teeth yeah look i wouldn’t eat the headlights that’s a bit risky you know they’re a bit hard but the rest of it look take it take a chunk off maybe hear the the front of the car there oh porsche will not be happy about this at all oh man it sure is great though yeah it tastes really good all right so i ate about enough chocolate for a lifetime but it was totally worth it the other thing geneva is known for is watchmaking so let’s do it we literally get to make a watch and maybe i’ll also burn a few calories all right it’s time to build my one of one custom luxury swiss watch this is where you do it here we are hey fabiano what’s up hey alex he’s gonna teach me how to build my own swiss watch how cool is this so to build a watch you first need to decide what parts to combine gold or black as a base what style of flanges or dial you want the color of the hands the strap what’s cool is we could actually stack these pieces to get a preview of what the watch would look like and after a long debate we had our look and it was time for alex to bring it to life fabiano so are you ready yes we’re ready first we’re gonna start putting the movements oh there it is all oh come around here see it in the light listening in the lake about to do heart surgery here i need to place this yes yes no yes i have to try and get the minute and the hour and the second hand smack bang in the middle right there yes yes okay now we put it here good perfect yeah here we go last step and there is my watch this is the moment i watch delivery a few days later it came look at this thing honestly this entire thing has felt like a fairy tale a massive thanks to swiss tourism for making this trip possible the grand tour of switzerland has without a doubt been one of the most incredible things i’ve experienced in my life you

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