My first ever TV show!

My first ever TV show!


This was the most insane month of my life. Flying from state to state in the US filming the coolest cars and meeting the most awesome, most interesting people in the car world. My TV show is called “Car Crews with Supercar Blondie”. The show airs on August 22 globally and the best way to watch it is to download the app “Insight TV” or head to I hope you love it! Hughe thanks to every one involved – you will see some of the coolest people, car tribes and most insane carsFollow me on:Music by:Full Throttle – Trout RecordingControl – Stelio Marshall

it’s been one of the most intense experiences of my life and I’ve shot in some pretty intense places but this working it’s been one of the most intense the baby okay today is the last thing your large day of a crazy month I can just about still walk oh my god this has been the most hectic insane of my life no I haven’t even managed to get makeup on this morning my socks full and my shoes how’s it gonna find it it’s my first TV show which is really cool at the same time I had no idea like how much hard work that would be 15 hour days no sleep I’m traveling across the country from one city to the next and today we are ending all of that in LA we’ve got this massive crew with us TV crew they’ve flown in from London to create this TV show with me this is doc heron and he owns the company behind luxury big limit we’re gonna rock the show huh yeah we’re gonna rock the show so Matt’s the director of the TV show and every time I’ve had my phone out doing other stories or youtubing or whatever it is Matt tries to get in the picture and steal the shot and we’ve been pushing him out for a month and now this is your moment this is sign I know I know I’ve been waiting me goodness Oh God say something interesting please hi no no well we’ve been we’ve been water wet down that was it we’ve been on the road now for a month yeah I mean actually cut cut no I don’t like this know what I want you to say here all right why he can strike this reality instructed reality okay yeah Matt what I need you to say is okay action action action action all right that’s usually the ones who call action it’s just you know it’s got a bit of power today the TV show that we’ve done one is about us going from New York to LA stopping over in cities on the way and we cover like it’s really cool car cultures and get to meet the most interesting people my name’s supercar blondie yeah Matt’s done an awesome job thank you very much Matt for keeping it all together kind of sort of what we’ve got through now you’ve done really good no it’s gonna be awesome but it’s gonna be amazing it’s been one of the most intense experiences of my life and I’ve shot in some pretty intense places but this working it’s been one of the most intense Tyrese we’re your best 2019 and it’s only just begun together we all have also come together today to celebrate over may only just make you a I’ve seen the calming presence throughout all of this holding it all together we know anymore he’s a king legend could be he’s no he’s not I repeat he’s not cancerous he’s a legend amazing no one knows more about cars than Earth she actually truly does not love for it and it’s supercar blondie we love you thank you so much for an awesome experience in LA thank you for experience in our town cannot wait to see you back cannot wait to see the first season second season third season fourth season love you

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