My First German Autobahn Experience!

My First German Autobahn Experience!


I’m visiting Mercedes AMG’s Headquarters in Affalterbach Germany and finally get to go as fast as possible on the German Autobahn!AMG GTR Pro – Mercedes Chief Designer – AMG GT 4-Door – Follow me on:

what’s up it’s supercar blondie in Stuttgart Germany and I’m here for one day one day in Germany and then straight back to Dubai and it’s because that we are here to film something super super special now to get to that location we have got this incredible car the GTS convertibles we have had to fit our luggage in the back because as soon as we finish today we’re heading straight back to the airport so just squeeze these two little cases in the back here actually a lot squeeze to be honest with you if it’s quite nicely that’s what I really appreciate about this car and I had one for several months back in Dubai it’s really usable it’s like a daily driver but a super fun fast daily driver let’s go so we’re going to AMG’s headquarters first and I’ve never been there so we’re going to experience this together for the first time jump in Wow you know you headed in the right direction when there is a whole truck full of me box in front of you that is crazy I’ve never seen that before and you’re also following a merc yeah we’re in the right City all right arriving at the home of AMG I’m at the headquarters of AMG right now and what we’ve got here is a really interesting timeline of although because you’ve got so many different ones now the GTS GTC GTR then you’ve got the floor doors so let’s just run through when everything came out so in 2014 you’ve got the first GTS and GT ok so they were the two two-door models that came out first and then you’ve got the first race car AMG gt3 that came out a year later the GTR so that’s the most track focused of the AMG GT family and that came out in 2016 and then you’ve got the GTC roadster and the GT roadster and the GTC Road start that’s the first GT see that we see that’s in 2016 this is like the most luxurious of them all the GTC then in 2017 you’ve got the coupe version of the GT see that comes out and there a second AMG race car are you fine still get this Orochi GP see you came out first he’s four – cool yes right and now we’re stepping up to last year this is when the four doors came out so this is what I was driving in Switzerland if you haven’t yet seen that up log just click the link below this is actually the fastest most powerful AMG in the whole fleet and it’s a four-door and it has 600 almost 640 horsepower and 0 to 100 is 3.2 seconds so we’re talking about like the same as Lucy but more horsepower than one seat which is crazy one of the reasons why this is quicker than the two doors is because it’s a all-wheel drive so all the tires kind of cushion at once this is the GTS roadster so this is the first time that the GTS came out in a roadster and that was last year 2018 then you’ve also got the GTR Pro now this is what we’re actually going to be driving on the track today and this is their you know ultimate focused GT car two-door and then finally we have the AMG GT art roadster and this has just come out you may have seen that on my vlog at the Geneva International Motor Show there with Gordon Wagner we’re talking about that together this is actually a limited edition so there are only going to be 750 of these now we’re going to get into the most luxurious of the fleet the GTC worried stuff I love the interior is super luxurious yeah you can definitely see a difference because we were just in the GTS yeah yeah this is more luxurious little AMG logo here as well 560 horsepower in this baby beautiful couldn’t be better for a barista I just pulled over so I could put the roof on so the next trip that is unlimited speed we can really get those kilometres up I didn’t realize there are only stretches of the road short stretches that you could do whatever you wanted makes it a bit difficult to get to higher speeds but that’s probably the point you shouldn’t really be going too fast even though these are limited 2:20 I’m gonna slow down now no doubt my way in Germany Oh why is this legal oh my god nice ridiculous 200 50 I think I got up to 260 no 250 definitely I told it to 50 mark 250 kilometres an hour doesn’t actually seem that far but when you’re going next to people who are driving 120 you are zooming past them it’s like you see them for a split second and they’re gone top speed of this car 316 I got to 250 if you ever get the opportunity do it because it’s just it’s awesome the things that slow you down obviously you’ve only got a short amount of time to do it in the legal time right where there’s no speed limit and then there are other cars that pop in front of you to overtake so you’ve got to constantly be watching out for them and then slowing down off your German Autobahn Jerry yeah pop my Autobahn Jerry that’s so cool I hope I get another chance to go even faster I don’t want to advocate speed like going ridiculously fast you’ve got to be so so careful you’ve really got to be looking around you every second for possible obstacles for possible cars coming out in front of you I’m in a car that is designed for speed and it can handle those speeds very easily so it’s very low to the ground it you know it sticks to the ground when you’re at those speeds just arrived at the Hockenheimring this is a racetrack here in Germany and I’m about to race the GTR Pro on this track and there is going to be a whole other video on that go check it out that’s it for now please like this video I hope you enjoyed it thank you so so much for watching subscribe to my channel just click that button right there we’ve got so much more to come love you guys

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