My First Supercar Visit to India!!

My First Supercar Visit to India!!


This is my first visit to India thanks to Michelin Tyres (@michelin) & Mercedes AMG India (@mercedesbenzind)! I’m visiting Mumbai and Bangalore to meet you all and join a Supercar Rally.Special thanks to Phoenix MarketCity Mall in Mumbai and the Hammered Pub & Grub to host the meet & greets. Also special thanks to the organisers DND Media India and ITP Live!Follow me on:Music by:Kiring Kiring by Bapi Das BaulEternal (feat. Sinan Cem Eroglu) – Azam Ali & Loga R. TorkianCharukeshi – Jayme StoneMumbai Bounce (feat. Ace/Mumbai’s Finest) – Janapriyan LevineSorcerer’s Swing – Janapriyan LevineSargam – Somchanda BhattacharyaLonely Island – Christian DavisThis trip and video was sponsored by Mercedes AMG India & Michelin Tyres.

guys I’m constantly being beeped and I’m yet to decipher what the beeps mean it’s a language of its own here in India your head is found ears so you’re falling for a rickshaw I just wanted to get a move on in a way well going here just feeling a bit nervous just you know they’re being quite a few last-minute changes and my one priority to you guys is not letting you down so always want wherever I go in the world to be an opportunity for us to me and that’s what I’m hoping is gonna happen over the next few days with the meet and greets in Mumbai and Bangalore and I cannot wait to see you guys I’m pretty sure there are no life things are happening toilets upon down we are heading now to the first meet-and-greet here in Mumbai and I cannot wait to meet you guys I’m about to head to Phoenix market city in Korra it’s a mall and I’m going to see you guys oh my god my Indian fans are some of my most loyal fans and so that’s why I’ve flown to India to meet you guys and it is Paul being possible for only two reasons that’s two of my favorite brands Mercedes AMG here in India big big thanks to them they’re actually celebrating 25 years in India and Michelin tires they’re one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world and they’ve been around for a long long time 130 years manufacturing tires so I’m with those two incredible brands and that’s why I was able to make it to India so a big big shout out to them thank you very very much super excited to be able to meet you okay let’s wake them the roof the two sliding will come back and now it’s blue that’s cool you know where to come hold up their steering wheels random steer oh look at all these front ones loose you know excuse me you work you popular though who works here can you ask him how much the brake lights cost the one on the end yeah how much 500 500 rupees rupees okay thank you okay so if you need some brake lights you can get some for seven bucks in this area and some sick rims I didn’t ask how much the rims were yeah anything here you can get anything for yes but what else can you get both got anything car related yeah we need to do that we need to do a whole new video along that Street I’m gonna see what they have seats yes gearboxes yes really tires everything huh okay here we’re gonna do some Bollywood dancing on stage and I’m gonna get a lesson first before we go up that’s quite important so how does that solve it so basically basically your stomach is aching imagine your stomach is aching so this is what you do this that’s what you do when you saw me in India you were you do it or what exactly so there was always time up it’s been almost and what gets famous oh my feel like it’s being hot hot hot hot yeah stomach hurts but heart is pounding yeah you stomp is be creating like a Bollywood story yeah yeah okay so the Bollywood story is your stomach yes okay your head is pounding us so you calling for a rickshaw is calling okay and you still can’t find direction or addiction yeah so then suddenly after looking for for you where’s the gun we have notified abundance and laws of wealth in him thank you so much later with everything here thank you very much Orion your champion thank you so much – hi thank you so much for coming one day and then right up to being a little Bangalore woo Bengaluru is what they call garden city and I’m super impressed like some awesome people here today awesome yeah okay perfect so I’ll see you guys there this is awesome so these guys usually get together every Sunday and go through a bit of a ride and they’ve organized all of this for me today and I’m so humbled by that that is so so incredible I’m just loving my trip to India so far massive thank you to DMD media for helping to arrange this very professional meet shangri-la has put on an awesome event here as well it’s a great hotel beautiful overlooking the garden city and as soon as I got here like it’s really green why is that so many trees Mike yeah that’s called the garden city so that makes sense we’ve got a beautiful hotel room on the 17th floor is just looking over all of these incredible trees okay let’s go first-ever supercar run near Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India so there are a lot of entrepreneurs here a lot of tech guys and lots a nice cars in the GTR I’m loving because it’s like the perfect car for the streets of India it’s fast you’ve got the sound of the engine you’ve got the power but you’ve also got the comfort and you’ve got a little bit more clearance and some of these other supercars around me right now driving on Michelin tyres same as what Lucy has the Pilot Sport cup – so they’re ultra high performance tires so I’ve got them for India keep me safe super important to get the right tyre because it means the difference between you stopping in time and not stopping in time and also for a supercar it means ultra high performance it means that you’re going to go faster around a track if you have the right tire and also the right pressure and everything like that because it’s all about the group right you can go faster if you have the best grip and that’s what they work on guys I’m constantly being beat and I’m yet to decipher what the beeps mean it’s a language of its own here in India there’s like a long but I’m being beeped right so but I don’t know what it means it’s like one long beep and then there’s like two short beats and then there’s like someone conscious but so I need to spend some more time here to try and work out what all these beeps meet but they do means it’s a communication method for them on the roof well there’s just cement laying in the middle of the road lemundo massive barrier that is stuck in the fast lane oh my god you’ve got to keep your wits about you here like something crazy just having like a concrete barrier stuck in the middle of the fast lane is so dangerous oh my god there is a car driving the wrong way down this road this is the highway oh my god oh my god dude oh my god in the middle of the highway no I’m not letting all that smoking oh my what is this place Wow so is that mandatory every time you do a u-turn you have to do burn you want to learn how to drive come to Bangalore kids if you can drive here it means that you can drive anywhere in the world this is like your senses are awake you have to be ready for anything you’ve just got trucks coming in front of you no notice whatsoever they’re doing ten kilometres an hour I’m doing 100 you’ve got dogs crossing the street I haven’t seen any cows yet but I saw in Mumbai there was a cow just on the street there’s concrete barriers in the middle of the road that you need to slow down for literally like in the fast lane the whole barrier comes out right in front of you yeah it’s cool I like it it’s fun it’s actually an experience driving here sometimes sometimes if you go to countries that have too many rules it just gets a bit boring to drive so it’s cool because I know I’m being safe you know you need to be responsible for your own safety and I know I’m driving safely so having not as many rules is awesome all right we’re back yeah it couldn’t have been a better experience we got everything everything virtually and trucks concrete barriers supercars every other car I once all the car owners here all the guys who risk their lives every day on a road I’m the carry to his right mercedes-benz came to India right before that we had our own luxury car made a car that was considered the epitome of luxury made in India yeah okay had a luxurious rear seat okay and sort of that’s the car I get something typically Indian like Indian made in it was made in India it was one of the most luxurious cars like I said the vehicle that was looked up on this is a 1970 so like I said it’s older than mercedes-benz existence in India it is a Hindustan Motors ambassador you guys rock man I dropped that he and like just like I guess not hold on okay okay okay okay it’s over it’s over daily see how much love Alexa I have a question for you have you driven any me again yes do you guys know the deceive oh wow there you are able to hear my youtube channel okay I’m gonna do it okay just consulting make them all snake collars everyone okay we’re gonna start down this side my mother feels for these exam time oh my God thank you and this body which is your favorite Time Machine the you see the reduced yeah so only assume is a favorite color thank you hi guys not even close yeah awesome they have such wonderful energy so it was great bangaluru you have some energy I love that that’s great back to the hotel

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