My Lamborghini Gets Crazy Make Over ft. Lucy

My Lamborghini Gets Crazy Make Over ft. Lucy


My new design for Lucy has finally been revealed. She’s not only different on the outside, she also has new features on the inside. I’m blown away with the attention to detail and the quality of this paint job by Cardip UAE. This is not a wrap it is peelable paint. Big thanks to my designer Dimitry who pulled the ideas from my head and put them on paper. Thanks to Meeras, City Walk for the location to shoot.Peelable Paint job by @cardip_uae & @cardip_usaDesign by @carbonov_designPhotographer @pepperyandellFollow me on:…Music By:Girls Night Out (feat. David Stewart Jr.) Giulio Cercato

oh my god I cannot believe this is my car right now this is amazing oh my oh I can’t guys I’m back it’s been a little while because I went away to Japan and these guys were still working on it because it was so intricate and they wanted to do the best job ever so they said come back after Japan and it’s gonna be ready so today is the day I really know this oh my god today is the big reveal of Lucy my Lamborghini Huracan she has gone through a massive makeover for the last few weeks it has taken longer than we thought because they wanted to do a crazy excellent job from what I’ve heard they’ve done exactly that so I’m here today to pick up my Lucy I know you’re all waiting to see her so I don’t know I’m really nervous I’m at the front door I don’t know where it carved it here in there also in the States Miami and they’re setting up in LA as well they’re the best are we ready yeah hurry are you ready ready I haven’t been this nervous in a long time I don’t know that’s really weird isn’t it because I don’t know I just oh I’ve had I’ve had this design in mind for so long is she right there really okay I she’s covered okay thank God my heart’s racing I thought I was just about to see you oh my god oh my god this is crazy hi I don’t know if I can do this he’s gonna unwrap it me or you what should we do maybe do you think I should do it now you do if you do a part and then we’ll okay like you you’re the first one who cuts the cake okay okay all right yes Lucy okay you ready really oh my god just looking at that already is oh you’re so amazing oh my god you guys it looks like porcelain the way it shines I just want to stand back and appreciate just this corner this is nothing like I’ve never seen anything like this before look at the the depth of color here like it’s almost like this is you cannot do this with a wrap you just cannot you cannot this is Apple this looks like a factory paint job and the crazy thing is is that once you’re done with this which I’m not sure I’ll ever be done with this you can literally peel it off just peel the paint off but this looks like it’s comes straight out okay like look at these lines as well okay look at this look at this precision look at the detail in these flowers this is why it’s taken three weeks we’ve had an artist actually sit down they night and hand paint every single detail on this car and then you can rip off the bandage and in one fell swoop oh it’s carbon fiber oh my god oh my god I’m so glad there aren’t like a million people here because I look like an absolute [ __ ] I’ve never been this excited in my life honestly this is so it’s like my first custom lamb bikini these guys are getting frustrated they’re like just pull it off already I just want to appreciate every single detail so this is this is extra carbon fiber layer that they put on the side mirror you guys can get any carbon fiber color right yes and you layer it yeah it’s actually a layer that goes on it’s like leaves on the Orban yes a liquid color does not arise very real carbon yes it’s not a wrap it’s real carbon people and then the boot blue stripe here on the carbon I mean the details guys I can’t I think I can deal with this my heart is racing it really is can I just go around this side again like I’m just gonna I just shine even food it is so ridiculously shiny it’s so oh my god it seriously looks like you know when I showed you that porcelain book after you write and it just it’s shown like nothing else I’ve never seen a paint job like that before that one was blue and white this one is black and blue but the shine I don’t know how you get this shine how do you get this shine so you get scarred that’s a condom honestly this is so it’s it’s it shines like nothing else what’s this the first blue flower oh my god oh my god okay whoa okay this is insane okay maybe you need to do it now for me because my hands are shaking looks amazing oh look I missed the calliper young so these calipers used to be yellow have changed that to black so it can peel it and it’s actually heat-resistant so it doesn’t damage it no issues at all right behind me come behind me so you can get alright okay okay okay go oh my god I can’t believe this is my car right now this is amazing oh my oh I can’t look this is way way better way better than I ever thought it would it could or would be Wow I can’t blaze up a little calculus you left us speechless I see slip sorry I wish I had more words yeah I’m I’m blown away the way that it it just is on fire this blue and then it’s slowly fades into the well you’ve got the gray flowers here and then fades and fades and fades and fades almost to the point where the flowers can’t be seen at the front I mean that takes real skill carbon oov you rock you design that and these guys are card it they put it all together and they do a better job than I could ever imagine thank you thank you thank you that’s why that’s why we’re here thank you highly highly recommend these guys honestly this is amazing what do you guys think good very good have you seen anything me neither oh my god my shoe got so excited the laces came on its way great just got appreciate these details all right there is more there is more tucked up time I did not expect this this is a big surprise it’s red usually that’s red oh my god no it’s blue yes the seat belts are incredible they match exactly the color on the outside and Lucie and she’s been branded Lucy forever you have been dubbed to Lucy the Lamborghini that’s it you cannot change name ever this is Lucy I love you Wow even the passenger gets queasy Lucy branding Wow these guys have not missed this detail they’re waiting for one thing this is still red because we’ve actually ordered a new Lamborghini steering wheel with customized for Lamborghini steering wheel we’re going to hand it back to Cardiff they’re going to make the final touches turn this into blue blue carbon fiber as well I’m just in awe like it’s just everything matches so perfectly it just and you know it’s so elegant as well it’s not it’s it’s so it’s done so well nothing looks too outrageous I feel like it’s just the perfect touch you know I’ve blue everywhere I’m just I’m just designed and a person which is you who I agreed to the design both of us we all pulled it off I mean I said yeah I mean all I wanted I really wanted flowers in the back and I worked hard on kind of working on the design with Dimitri and he did awesome sending back and forth his designs and I said no I want a little bit that way a little bit that way I wanted the line to the front because this year right it’s quite quite feminine at the back with the flowers and then just to make it a little bit more masculine I wanted these lines at the front I mean just look at this here this is probably meant for my favorite part of the whole car he’s the femininity of the black and white flower and then the hardness of the line straight through it yeah watch out you’re gonna see me coming from a mile away in Dubai you need approvals for new rounds right new clothes yeah new colour change exactly so you can register your car under a different colour and drive it out on the roads you guys initially went to the government yeah they told us that this is something it’s very very like hard to uphold right but we really fought for it to just make it happen and you know what guess they actually created a new like what it’s like a replication a category to add drawings to it and this is the first car in Dubai to make a happen imagine what you went through the government okay so what happened so initially so you guys went initially like weeks ago right and they said here’s the design on paper they brought the paper design they said right okay we’re going to change the category which I didn’t know about actually okay it’s approved now three weeks later you actually have to take the physical car into the registration office and get them to check over it and get the final a tick of approval right you’ll get the new registration card yeah and you did that this morning oh my god you look super to my god the thing is this is the first car the approved by RTA that we just the road in traffic authority yeah I didn’t transfer yeah this is the first car in Dubai that has the word drawings and extra desperation card so basically they have created a new item and the system that’s called drawing and this is the first car in Dubai registered as drawing yeah first minute when I just like parked and and the guy came to me with this mind this is not allowed he thought he’d get you I was like no it is and he was like how come who approved it and like that so basically a committee had to approve this drawing and I debated with them like why you can have a car with a blue stripe right not a car with a blue flower Wow okay so they check it’s it’s not against the law basically there is no camouflage there is no yeah like you know skulls or there is no chrome there is no right things there is nothing illegal no advertising like yeah I mean it’s the same colors that we have liked requested that thing was how to add this in the registration coil so they had to create something called drawing so when I went yesterday they were like there is nothing in the system so there you go so you can all get flowers and you lamborghinis from now on guys I can’t believe we’re done this you guys absolutely wrong no it’s seriously well guys but no you cannot hide like basically you’re passing on the bridge on the are you to be followed everywhere sois we’ve now gone this because the car looks so amazing we thought pro photographer pepper how’s it going it’s amazing have you seen anything like that before I really haven’t I’ve seen a lot of cars around the world this is definitely the first design I actually just realized people love flowers and no really good job three weeks three weeks huh yeah quietly go this is sunlight Wow Wow there’s so much detail unbelievable he’s flying red Lamborghini our video look how plain this Aventador s looks man all right let’s go so big big thanks to Mira else we’re at City Wolf they’ve actually blocked off part of their area so that we can get some awesome shots with the car girls night let me hear you shout girls night you know what it’s all about Miami [ __ ] you reveal happening here or Instagram people plus poor Instagram people only getting a glimpse of this amazing YouTube video I’m even surprised like at night she shines so beautifully you see a completely different perspective we’re just on live on Instagram you guys I’m so pleased that so many of you love it so many of you love it please let me know what you think down below in the comments as well I’d love to you the more I look at it because the lights gone down now the more I see other features on the car because this is not just a copy-paste same flowers same design on this side as it is on that side that it’s completely different all over the car so I’ve just gone around and I’ve noticed so many little different features this these lines here I’m absolutely in love with I’m so glad that we did this shadowing effect in the middle yeah that could have just mean a straight blue line that the shadowing effect is crazy and these these how it kind of tapers off into these dots as well I think it’s crazy cool for now that’s it I hope you have liked this video I hope you love lucy’ just as much as I do please give me a quick thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel right now if you haven’t we have got so much cool stuff coming this is where you get to see the craziest supercars hyper cars in the world as well as Lucy I love you special thanks to card it UAE card it USA they are blown away with the work they’ve done massive thanks to Dimitri carbon off design you can find him under on the Instagram he put my design from my head onto paper and made it come alive big big thanks to city wok Maris for shutting down this area for us and let us take these incredible photos and also to pepper Yandell for hanging around today and getting the most insane pictures of Lucy they’re all going to be coming out soon alright I’ll catch you later it’s time to go home I just want to say that I have never experienced service like that before from kardia nothing was an issue we didn’t get ever get a phone call saying we can’t do this we don’t have the power we don’t we don’t have permission like the whole creating a new law thing wasn’t even an issue they didn’t even tell us about it until the whole car was done they said hey listen and guess what happened they just sorted it out and they went above and beyond what I expected from a service you know and not everyone does that it was always yes yes yes we can do we can do and they did even more than they promised so I just want to say a massive massive thank you to you guys you have set the new standard which is scary because I’m going to have high expectations now going through it alright let’s head out and not run over people see you do good night

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