My New Cap Launch!

My New Cap Launch!


I’m spending the day with Dubai’s hottest influencers for my new cap shoot – SB Label – Can’t wait for you to join my SB fam! Launch date announced soon!Lilly – @lillysabriMaria – @mariasavicSergi – @sergi.lifestyleAdnan – @adnankusybiFollow me on:Music by:Astral Projection – Elevated MindAnimality – Christian Davis

what oh sorry is this to youtube we relax oh my god you guys isn’t it hi guys what’s up welcome to my first ever SV the label shoot this is my new label and I’ve got all my mates here out in the desert it is currently 42 degrees Celsius at 4:30 in the afternoon and we are all dying we’re going to be out here doing this shoot in the middle of nowhere because it’s one of my favorite locations to go on shoot I’ve got Lucy this is my Lamborghini Lucy I know a lot of you guys have been following me for quite some time so you know who is I’ll put those of you have just joined my family welcome thank you so much and this is my Clark and something that I’ve been working for a long time to achieve and I got her a year ago I’m gonna meet my mate I got my caps here so I’m gonna show you these in just a sec this is what I’m launching in the next couple of weeks that I’m super excited about hey hi hey this is Lilly and this is Maria they’re friends of mine here in Dubai Maria’s got one of my caps on right now oh it’s good on your drive along it feels great do you know I don’t know about this card I like the label just here on the front I love this bear and I love this on these ones yes so cute I don’t even know what to say like it’s kind of like a real moment for me because it has taken so long to get here and these caps kind of represent like the journey I’ve been on sb1 day that’s the tagline of my brand and it’s because one day I always wanted to own a supercar I didn’t know how I was going to do it I had no idea how I was going to work up to that point but I just knew that whatever I did I wanted to do it really really well it’s so much effort into it and work really hard to the point where I can actually own one one day and it got to that point a year ago did you see gonna meet you guys cuz I didn’t come from this you know I didn’t come from a family that just grew up with super cars not like Alex here coming to the coop this is Alex big news alex is the newest member member of super car blondie staff our super car blondie team is expanding I grew up in the country in Australia Queensland like a town of 3,000 people like honey I grew up with cows and sheep I always knew I was going to own a supercar one day but I didn’t know how I was going to get there I just knew that I had to work really hard and like do the best at whatever I was doing at that time and it’s just turned into like a whole supercar blondie family and I’m really humbled by it and really touched that you guys want to be part of this journey with me and I’m sure you guys have those goals as well in your lives right like one day you want to achieve something what are you guys want this is something oh come on Jay is like her real-life story you know the book you know you wish for something but you don’t know exactly how you’re gonna get exact we try and make it happen right however you can uh-huh what so what do you might just teach me teach me no everyone has their own journey you know that’s the thing you you there is no one right way to get somewhere in life everyone has their own journey and it just takes a lot of hard work I think it’s probably like the the one thing that flows through everyone’s journey whoever is successful it’s just a lot of hard work yeah I was like one day I want to run off the supercoppa with the camera the one value that I have is freedom I’ve always wanted to have freedom in my life I want to be able to travel and my audience are obviously very different to you guys but it’s all about health and happiness so lily has the best exposure pretty much the bottom line of what she just said which we’re going to show you later so hang around let me do some crunches Oh Maria what’s your one day hmm well I have one but it’s a look at secret well what I like is it’s exactly as you said like inspire people and have to find like what deeply inside makes them happy and then work on that and not be also afraid to fail or to change because first you were in a radio like and then you had completely different yeah a vision and then after that like you decide oh I’m not gonna be any more radio blondie I’m gonna become super so that was a transition it’s so true that’s so different right and also just on that note you guys I was 30 so it’s not like you have to find out what you need to do or want to do in your life young I changed careers at 30 so you know you can keep changing it it’s not too late for you if you’re watching this and you’re like oh I’m stuck in my job now you know and I have a lot of responsibilities it’s not like that you really can’t change it and also I didn’t just start out on the radio I was a receptionist at a bank for two years which I absolutely hated but I just needed the money so we’ve all had so we just have not been happy in but we’ve just done because we needed to for some reason or another so yeah there’s been lots of different changes in life and you get there eventually yeah this is Sergey you might have already seen him on my channel before he does some of my editing but he’s actually here today to model my cats so the girls have got the other two so there’s an all-white there’s a black there’s a white on black or there’s a Lucy platform I like all white and flatterin okay I like them all it’s Nevarez la mejor para que me pushed on me vidal recomienda specifically on in a couple of weeks in July July say lambda and Julio I see Katella than those for the Spanish market this is just the camera car that’s how do by works we’ve got four eight eight as a camera car how crazy and then we got Lucy this is my dad man everyone so we used to work together on the radio oh yeah I’m still glad you quit because honestly you want to have gone all of this if you had I know it’s good and you’re still there but he models that’s all no shows them look there’s no log feel he just naturally looks that way that crazy supercard money everyone lover she’s the best are you wearing my face on your head I know I love your face on my head what are you guys doing oh we gonna get some extra content oh my god you guys this election this is the collection and a massive thanks to these peeps for coming out today in 42 degree heat in the middle of Dubai I hope you’ve enjoyed this video I thank you so so much for being part of my supercar blondie family it really means the world to me growing up I promised you guys you would see Lily’s abs what have I done always likes it I’m not even one up got one up she’s that probably both got abs you want to show your age again oh my god the cats will be launching in July you guys so if you want to grab one please go to the link in the description and some of them are super limited orders so if you really want one please go and register now so that you don’t miss out I’m going to be sending you an email as soon as they drop in July for now I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my story and show you the caps that I’ve been working on introduce you to some of my friends who are awesome this is what we just do on the weekends in Dubai huh please join my supercar blondie family if you haven’t yet I would love to have you here this is where you’re gonna see the most awesome most unique cars from around the world that’s a wrap please hit the subscribe button give this video click like and I cannot wait to see you somewhere in the world wearing one of my cats I will literally scream I will howl literally scream from the car at you and then come and give you a hug thank you guys so much we’re out we’re out

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