My New Car Finally Arrived!

My New Car Finally Arrived!


I’ve been looking around for the perfect model over the last week and I found her!! I just got it delivered and wanted to share the moment with you. What are your thoughts? Follow me on:

I always do these deliveries but they’re never my car so this is special this is very exciting because today is the day I’m getting my new car and I can’t wait to show you what it is I’ve come to a very quiet place with no one else around just so I can take my mouse down a tiny bit so I can talk to you so you can see what I’m actually up feeling otherwise Liss look at this I’m so excited you can tell all right I just bought this car yesterday this is the first time I’m seeing it with you I want us to share the experience with you I cannot wait to show you what I’ve got I always do these deliveries but they’re never my car so this is special it’s kind of a giveaway from the outline of the car right it’s an exciting one it is the most powerful rolls-royce ever me so let’s check it out come with me I like the cop up on about the comments you she is guys my new rolls-royce Wraith black badge alright here’s the key you can close the boot with the key just pressing this button down the top one I really want to know what you think of the color combo I this took a lot longer to get then originally planned because we’ve been in lockdown for the last you know six to eight weeks so since lockdown lifted partially in Dubai I’ve been out the last few weeks taking a look at a lot of different color combinations and I found this beauty and on top of that a black badge so I’m absolutely stoked I’m gonna show you inside in just a sec let’s unhook her get her off alright ready I’m gonna open her up look what happens here in the front the Spirit of Ecstasy comes out because this is a black badge edition right here we go look at how the doors open come here come here this is what I love most look at this the Starlight roof that is just an incredible feature oh my goodness all right I’ll take it off look I don’t even need to reach for the door this is another amazing feature of rolls-royce here’s a button honestly I can’t believe I own a Rolls Royce this has been a dream now for probably about a year don’t worry I am still going to get a supercar like a traditional supercar as well very soon but this was like a dream of mine I’ve been driving more and more Rolls Royces recently and I just absolutely love the way they drive and just look at his luxury it’s insane alright so I want to show you the interior colour you’ve already seen a touch but I just absolutely love the black and white it’s just so classic and then you’ve got these carbon-fiber details here on the front on the dash okay I can fit some peeps in the back as well the awesome thing about having black and white interior is it means I can pretty much do any rap on the outside like any color I can just go crazy and it’s still gonna match the interior so what do you guys so can I should do I mean I I really haven’t thought about it at all at this point I’ve just got the car literally now but I do want to do a few things to it so maybe work on the outside color let me know what you think pop your comments in the description below this is the new supercar blondie car you’re gonna be seeing a lot of this beauty around so outside and also should I do any like 40 modifications you know like a body kit or should I just leave it classic because Rolls Royce is quite a classic car although there one like one of the main reasons why I got a wraith is because it’s super sporty looking this is like the sportiest looking rolls-royce and it’s actually the most powerful rolls-royce as well 623 horsepower that’s more horsepower than on my Lamborghini Huracan Lucy that I just sold 6.6 liter v12 twin turbo diesel just a whole seconds 4.2 seconds so we’re Gordon places the thing I just love about this car is my road rage just goes out the window when I Drive this it’s a completely different experience it’s literally like sitting in your living room on the road all right that’s just a small taste I just wanted to share that experience with you I’m gonna take it for a quick spin and on the next YouTube video I’m gonna take you through the car in more detail show you all of its cool features what makes it so amazing that this was definitely the car that I wanted to get and thank you so much for voting for me by the way for the Shorty Awards you guys rock oh my god I love you guys thank you for your support that he’s so awesome all right we’ll touch on the next video yeah bye guys I’m out I’m out about

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