My new Lamborghini design was so Illegal | ft. Yiannimize

My new Lamborghini design was so Illegal | ft. Yiannimize


Finally my new car design has been approved and the king of wraps, Yiannimize gives me his opinion on it! See it here and please let me know in the comments what you think of it. Yianni’s Channel – New Car Design by: @carbonov_designFollow me on:

okay Wow what’s up its super clap on D I’m stocking on vitamin C because I think I’m coming down with a cold so sorry today is an exciting day because I am about to reveal to you my new rap for Lucy but we’re just about to meet yeah no mice he’s flown over from London gonna get his reaction because he is of course a rap king hi you know about the plates before you know what we’ve got a big boy play out here who loves driving from the white side up with that B’s like yeah I’ll just give you GU a kitty goes but know about the car check the number plate people are redundant ladies were the way more than the car yeah was about 1.5 million I mean I only know so d5 we’re for 35 million dirhams so what’s up ten million dollars yeah ten million dollars for d5 so h44 yo we’re talking probably that one yeah yeah crazy can you mind though it’d be number plates missing at the end of the day you know who took it it’s big man so talk about your car um yeah we’re gonna go see Lucy and I’m gonna reveal my rap to you because you’re the rapping okay he’s scared now cuz he’s like I got to say something nice be honest okay cool it’s really nice haven’t seen you blog zoeva let’s go my rap had just been approved because it took a little bit of time to get approved and you said it must be bro because I know how it works it divides so if you have to get it approved it should be quite well how does it work in the UK what are the restrictions in the UK you can pretty much do what you want but it is like a gray area we regard the chroma don’t see all my cars always grow but it’s not illegal if she’s got crime she’s obviously got contacts here let’s see let’s see we’re gonna reveal in a little bit we had to escape the music obviously chrome rose gold was the color that I came out with for my cos because I actually didn’t exist that why not yes we made it he’s crazy I thought that on my Aventador roadster and my Range Rovers VR are you I like to uniform everything and it also now have uniforms my men adore us with my auras which is like chrome turquoise oh nice my white frankly stands out the most a lot if we’re always picked me out why’d you bet your car stand out so much why not do for a living yeah yeah I mean if someone’s gonna get something done to their car why wouldn’t you make it super different yeah the majority obviously that that’s in the most common color of the last five six years is sexy black matte black yes and that’s a lot Bella sati look like a slight sheen to it but that is the most popular color ah – now is it is it Matt or is it shiny this satin matte satin and gloss and that’s really the satin ish yep in the middle and gloss is like really like paint work so basically to get satin it’s the chrome and then a dull finish over the top of the chrome right Romy’s no but I mean you know put a chrome on and then you put another layer over the top that is matte and it makes it a second clothes that’s still really quiet my resume it Maps really though and satins like she yeah and then you’ve got satin chrome and then you’ve got crow correctly well when I show you mine I’ll tell you why it was so difficult to get the approvals because it’s not just Chrome you know that it’s difficult to get approvals on its other things as well so it’s taken you guys have been asking me like what the hell is happening with Lucy or when is she changing colors it is taken probably about four months for this to happen well to go through and I had to go through people and go through people and go through people and they were like if I prove that I’m going to jail as I want the hell is going on here so finally we have got like a toned down version of the original but it’s still kind of cool so I’m really excited to show you oh listen I’m gonna be honest I might do the second actually taking it when I look at it but yeah okay so you got with digital print then use a pattern it’s not gonna be a single color you just said pants I mean it’s not gonna be a single color the other thing is is that right so we are now deciding whether or not to go for a rat or a peelable paint okay they spray it on right so what what is your opinion on that there’s a price difference of around 3000 pounds yeah so it’s a bit more expensive yeah but it’s unbelievable because you can get so much detail right you can get everything yes oh so he’s off with wrapping you finish you can finish underneath with PPF you finish on the edge oh yeah with the spray little you can paint the hinges wherever which is great it looks like a new paint job I mean it doesn’t look like a rat the only thing you can’t do is crime people do matte satin yeah and gloss finish which is I’ve seen a couple now up floats and postal staff to check out will we miss this yeah yeah you’d never know yeah I might guys look round the car NOLA oh you can smooth it just been freshly painted I’m like yes but it’s not paint it can be peelable with two removable so that’s the future hey feel that I think is the future yeah I think it is because people have people here obviously wanna protect their car but they don’t like the fact that they’ve finished on the HD you actually got that line yep so I think based on that yes bacon-wrapped you won’t disappear neither will cool little normal PPF based on the fact that there’s gonna be a three or four yeah true quite sure um so this is Lucy all the time he’s pretty she’s dirty all the time she’s dead again I couldn’t avoid it basically she’s black on black on black black interior black exterior black rims yellow calipers deficient or not no just black black black let’s do the big reveal of the wrap okay okay all right god you’re making me nervous don’t breathe like that it was it was a didn’t take a break what am I gonna think of this thing is it oh my god oh my you need to do that I hope I like a new put my phone on silent was there an inspiration behind this to buy the cadet no save just literally I’ve just gone I want something like this okay that’s kind of what I want and it’s kind of the colours and boom okay okay okay Wow okay what do you think is that your favorite flower no it’s just flour so it goes from the flower it goes from the color to the black and white in the same design to the front and then their reflective strips here okay it’s actually very cool it is very very cool it is very cool I like the way you’ve got the dark effect on the front and as you’re going to the back it brings the color out great color combination there’s a lot of thinking going on here I know I’m just trying I just find it I’m just trying to take you all in all right the Tron style design on the front yeah okay obviously it brings out the wing I like the bonnet and I like the way you’ve dotted it at the top as well which is really cool rather than just having a single line I like the imprint I think the imprint in the design is very very cool I think it’s going to be subtle on the front as you go down the back is very very bright that flower there wow that is that is really really yeah can you picture it yeah cause that’s what I do so you can picture it straight away in my head there’s actual vinyl fine it’s got like it’s like an embossed finish but like a suede effect on the flowers and that’s what I’m looking at here in my head thinking which is quite so more instead of the collar it’s more the texture the core ring but you can see but you can see the flowers in a very cool very cool like the two the two stage like I admit that’s a really good idea maybe we can incorporate that or maybe it’s a bit too much no you can do that it’s actually really really cool it’s very very it’s growing on you I can tell yeah listen you are a girl as well this is okay it’s where you said to me it could be a man or woman yeah I think it’s more steer-in so women think the picture doesn’t do it justice I think the detail when you sit on the car so we’re gonna get peelable paint so it’s gonna be you know and painted so you’ve been painted by someone you think that’s in it like an airbrush yeah but but not loss but you’ve got the nice shine how you gonna do no glossy shiny oh yeah so is it gonna be glasses anomalous so he’s gonna be hard obviously on there doesn’t look gloss yeah it looks not right okay so you’re gonna keep the base gloss and then on top of it you’re gonna add the mag glass no with the glass it’s gonna be all gloss yeah but how are you doing gloss on top of gloss it won’t show it’s a gloss gloss yeah if you were to put a design of gloss on to this it’s still gonna be gloss yeah we want loss yeah but this is Matt this is right so the flower design on here white so the blue will obviously show yes but the flowers won’t show if you’re putting gloss on to this oh I see you I see what you mean yeah here yeah yeah yeah you mean the extra black flower design will not show because it’s already black coppery yes okay I get you so what Pro is that gonna right so would need to obviously decide whether the base is matte or really and then you do the opposite with the design saying yeah you can tell we don’t do this as a business right yeah we can tell you the expertise okay yeah I get you so there you go can we get two thumbs up from yellow mice two thumbs up eventually who when she works out what the hell is going on with the round alright so that’s it now I’m gonna reveal it to you guys this is the big moment don’t don’t okay ready pal boom what is it what yeah what is it no idea but it’s been well studied by enemies he’s gone all the way from the back you noticed the white bits here you see the big blue flower that’s gonna pop according to ya with the white elements in the flower yeah bring out and then it kind of fades from well the blue to the black and gray with the same design that comes around here now we’re discussing whether or not to go with the white reflective stripes at the front instead of blue which might look quite good actually and we’ve decided with Yanni’s help to go matte black clothes on top and he’s just gonna say like a little prince you approved by so what do you guys think let me know in the comments big thanks to Dimitri Carbon off design for this design yeah he’s done an awesome job well there you go thanks guys let me know what you think but like the video subscribe to my channel his channel is on and his channel Jana twice very easy yeah it’s gonna be underneath anyway just check out the description Janna mised and and that’s it I think we’re out you you’re only one more day and bye one more day I’m heading back to the UK TV show starts at 9:00 for January on David’s mother like nice like thank you

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