My New Lamborghini!

My New Lamborghini!


Finally got my new Lamborghini delivered – it’s been a long journey and I’m super excited to drive this Huracan!Thanks to for the beautiful delivery.Follow me

guys today is the day we are picking up the new super car for Alex her own car we’ve been waiting many many years for this moment to happen we’ve worked insanely hard and we’re really really excited because she lost his car she obviously knows what car she’s getting but she hasn’t seen the final version yet so what I’m not doing is I’m gonna meet up with my friends who help me deliver this car I guess after the car to you now because you’re gonna have to see a part again Alex hasn’t seen it yet so are we ready 3 2 1 tada there we go so it’s the Lamborghini Huracan so I’m not gonna go into much more detail of the car right now because I’m gonna let I like to do that not loading the Lambo up here in a draw light and then we’re gonna go to 800 flowers and we’re gonna prepare something special again for Easter this weekend is Easter happy Easter everyone with Rohini oh pretty all right so something random just sort of happened we’ve got Juliet here so she was just in the flower store right now and she came up and said look I can sort of do cool tricks and sort of magic you know yeah these four cards and I have this thing yeah so they’re same symbols same four cards and just like pick one and she can chew she can tell which one I just chose sorry predict all right way because I need it all so we’ll do four parts no no just one all four let’s choose one part the way you think your life for good my life will go this way and this is my prediction for this one so let’s take this card sauna and let’s put it down one by one the first one down Wow the second look at this because nothing is random you have your intuition you know which part of come on come on hello hi hey I’ve got your baby here yeah I know it’s it’s finally finally so hurry up are you are you hurry all right so alex is just arriving and her goal it’s got 800 here whoa what a tornado car red tornado I see the truck are you ready finally here okay silent I’m so excited all right I’ve waited like three months for this part you made it years for it I have why did you makini care I don’t even know what to say like there I’ve never seen a better college my god guys best Easter present ever finally got your Lambo finally I have my new supercar this is something that I want to show so many years and it’s taking a lot of hard work but it’s all paid off and I just I’m so excited the license plate is amazing I absolutely love it so in Dubai you can get personalized license plates but it’s only four numbers so obviously 610 four is the model number of this Huracan nice that’s cool well we got the last one available the last one on the market which is pretty cool thank you oh my god guys thank you guys so so much you’re amazing thank you wow these people on the beach are looking like wow this is cheek up to you look can we drive and I’ve got chocolate all over the Lamborghini cake I know I have a tissue don’t leave it’s mine sorry cool how’s it sound like do you know your I used to think like a cream egg was pretty good for Easter I’ve never had a Lamborghini key in an egg before that tops at all happy cetera Happy Easter thanks for the delivery thanks guys yay yay finally got your Lambo yeah did you like it very much Wow this is been like an incredible year this is been really weird you know I’m like I’m from being a journalist oh and I used to just work 9:00 to 5:00 every day do my thing and then kind of just started uploading videos of me driving different cars and that just kind of turned into something and now it’s gotten to the point where I can actually buy my own Lamborghini that is insane and I’m so sorry so lucky and I’ve got you guys to thank for that so thank you so so much for following please like and subscribe the channel to the channel and yeah hopefully we can drive around in some more insane supercars in the future when I drive this car I literally can’t stop smiling like every time I hear that room or actually the downshift that’s the best one and the crackle it’s like popping ten balloons at once it’s insane it is so much fun well the third alehrer is from the drive

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