My New Rolls Royce Paint Job!

My New Rolls Royce Paint Job!


So I had the idea to paint my rolls with a pendulum 🤷‍♀️. It was a pretty nerve-wracking experience, as I only got the one go! But seeing how the pattern turned out on top was pretty cool! But… what happens now 😆😆Dimitry: Follow me on:

i think we can what’s up guys supercouple and here in dubai we are all sweating it out today because i’m getting something done to my roles this is so exciting i’ve been talking about getting my roles done right what rappers should get what rooms i should get and i’ve decided to test something out this has never been done before okay welcome to the supercar blondie channel make sure to subscribe like the video and let’s get straight into it i’m getting my rolls painted right and this is going to play a massive part in that it doesn’t look like much now but you’ll get the picture in a minute let me introduce you to kavanaugh his name is dimitri dimitri this guy here is a lifesaver he is like the brains behind this whole project you have literally been working like 24 hours a day for the last two weeks yes before he even chopped his finger off he did look he had to go to the hospital and get stitches the poor guy he has like injured himself he has had no sleep he’s been on the phone constantly to ask about how it’s going and today’s the big day exciting go give dimitri some love he is actually the one who designed my lamborghini lucy basically he designs wraps and paint jobs for cars so what he does is he sits at home all day going that’ll look sick on a mclaren boom and he sends it off to a client and so if you want your car to have the sickest design in the world hit dimitri up he is the guy for you he’s going to do my roles which is happening right now and he’s going to do my supercar that i’m about to purchase so that’s all really exciting what’s going on so i called my mate sergey he’s here to weigh in on things let me just tell you guys what’s happening i have come up with the idea to paint my rolls using a pendulum okay like as in just as in that we’re going to literally like a bottle of paint is going to hang from this and it’s going to become a pendulum and it’s going we’re just going to launch it and it’s just going to like spin the whole way around like a pendulum over the top of the car and see what pattern it makes let’s do it good idea i trust your vision you got the vision make it happen i honestly don’t know what this is going to look like there’s a more stronger paint which you usually use for the board to paint a board yeah nothing nothing can damage it so like 50 years ago so if i don’t like it then we’re screwed you need to sell it sell the car all right done one of the issues was the consistency of the paint like it can’t be too thin it can’t be too thick yes otherwise it’s just going to run off the whole car and it won’t make it happen yes and then we also work on the hole in the cab but then we change to this kind of things so we merge with some plastic stuff like silicone anyway so you actually made that handle yes yes the next question which we faced that we need to add weight for the bottle because when the paint going we lose the paint so it’s rotation yes yeah too much so that’s why we put inside few nuts and then stick it with the glue also wow as you can see the space between them is the same so to have uh the consistency how many versions of this did you go through before it would be perfect for something like that really yeah all right so this is what we’re going to be hanging above the rolls royce and we’ll fill it with paint and we’ve only got one go at this just one shot and if all goes to [ __ ] then we’re screwed that’s what youtube does to people [Laughter] yeah no one’s really ever done this before so i thought why not be the first and if it ruins the rolls well that’s the price you pay isn’t it for a good bid okay so we could have used any color on the rolls why did you come to the conclusion of green because i didn’t say to you i want green yes the i think from the beginning i want to make something very toxic color so it’s just toxic yes like i mean the color not the smell like the idea wasn’t toxic enough yeah okay so i think the green it will look good on white and on the black same time what do you think it’s going to look like it’s really good oh you know oh okay he thinks it’s really cool all right that’s great okay we got the thumbs up from the designer all right so the paint’s going in oh my god this is it bit nervous about this because i have to launch it you guys so i have to launch it properly to more and more and more toxic oh my goodness do you know are you just messing around with it now you know the exact amount of yellow that should go in yeah we know we measured with the bottles how much water how much paint no with the yellow it’s only by ice but i mean the quantity of uh like making a cake without a recipe just yes i think that’s enough i’m doing a test uh throw with this bottle it’s just got water in it and it’s just capped off so nothing’s gonna flow out but it weighs about the same amount as the other bottle with the paint will dimitri has been doing this swing for days now to perfect it because you only get one go at launching it and then it’s done it’s on its path so it’s it’s approximately like you are a god and you launch the planet around the sun you know yeah [Laughter] so the direction so if you don’t get it right then the planets are just going to collide and explode basically yes yes so like because we have only one planet it should be all okay right yeah okay your direction is like you create the circle so you want to go circle so you’re not launch it straight yes you can create a smoothie yeah and and try to make it softly without without like launching it yeah so like release but little push too small my maximum this is just such a bad idea overall it’s just a bad idea no seriously this is not how you should paint your rolls-royce do not do this at home oh my god it’s good it’s good been permanent yeah that would have been permanent paint all of this look at these strips we’ll be all wet maybe i shouldn’t launch it i think you should it’s your car and your mistake so yeah but then i want to blame it on someone else [Laughter] oh my god oh my god no this is more soft no the rotation is good i’m just worried that this we will cover on top but still will be some something yeah i don’t know about this i thought someone else was going to launch it i’m actually nervous about this this is the most important throw of your life and you know what i’ve always been horrible at throwing always like i’ve never played baseball i’ve never played qriket i’ve never played basketball i’ve never played anything to do with a ball i am horrible so anything to do with catching throwing well for every bathroom this is the one that you want to get right because this is a 100 000 mistake and it’s not just a paint job but there’s also a corvette stingray over there this is a half a million dollar thrill no pressure though you’re good [Laughter] no i’m not sure about this i just thought i’d better put the spirit of ecstasy down because the paint might get through here we don’t want that to happen when she comes back up she’s going to be like what happened all right i think we’re ready are we let’s do it let’s do it oh it’s coming down the started bottle we’ll have to get that off oh my god my heart’s racing what am i doing now i’ve forgotten all my practice sessions how do i launch it like a planet like a planet three two one go look at the side of it you know what it looks like right now monster energy drink oh my god this is tragic from the side isn’t it oh my god yeah too late too late i have to love it now wow okay i hope it looks better from the top it will look at this look at these splashes here oh my goodness oh my goodness what have we done what have we done is it gonna run out of paint yes it’s called i just can’t see right now oh my god look at all the drips though i think we can wait till it’s finished it will be exactly wow wow as you can see i’m speechless i just don’t even know what to say at this point let’s just see how it turns out this is what it’s like to paint your rolls royce with a pendulum i know everyone’s going to do it now everyone it’s so convincing i mean look at this look at this paint dripping off the side of the room oh good it’s on the tires perfect oh wow look at the top that’s super cool oh that is so cool oh wow here’s the real test nick’s going to try and spray it off with a high powered water gun and let’s see if the paint’s actually going to come off you

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