My New Supercar Delivery!

My New Supercar Delivery!


So stoked!! 🤯 Thank you so much for your input on what supercar I should add to the Supercar Blondie family. ❤️ Today I had it delivered! I have so many plans for this car, but I’d like to know what color you think it should be! 🤔🤔 Let me know in the comments! Thanks for watching fam, much love xoInstagram: Thanks to @VIPMotorsUAE & Drone Shots by @resistancer_gyrdFollow me on:

hey what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie welcome to Dubai look at this backdrop how incredible is this if you’ve been to Dubai you recognize this as the marina freakin love it it’s so beautiful anyway I’ve chosen this backdrop because today is a very exciting day I cannot wait thank you guys so so much for weighing in and letting me know your opinion on what supercar I should buy today is the day where I get my new supercar delivered it’s happening right now it’s even got a bow I’m stoked this is like the ultimate supercar delivery crazy this is a really exciting moment for me you guys thank you so so much for being a part of my decision buying process I’ve got the rolls and now I’ve got this I suppose at this point you can kind of tell what it is but let’s do the big reveal shall we this year’s this is my brand new McLaren at 7 20s isn’t she beautiful oh my god I’m super psyched about this never in my life did I think I would be in a position where I could actually buy a brand new 720’s so this is a big moment for me I do not take this for granted at all thank you guys so so much for being part of my supercar blondie family and the special mention to my notifications gang thank you guys so so much for turning on your notifications and being the first to see my vids if you haven’t yet subscribed hit the subscribe button because I’ve got some big plans for this car and my rolls-royce you’re gonna see me like wipe away the sweat here and there and I’m nearly already drenched because it’s currently 45 degrees in Dubai thank you 90% humidity and I heard on the weather forecast today that it feels like 52 degrees so this is from VIP motors thank you guys so much for giving me such an awesome deal this is actually from MSI which is MacLaren’s like bespoke detailed service so what you can do is you can actually customize your car in more detail than you normally could so this color here is a special color it’s called Polaris blue it’s from the MSO division at McLaren and the seatbelts in orange as well that’s special and what is cool is the seat belts already match great calipers what’s gonna happen though is I’m gonna totally redo this car as much as I like the color I think it needs to be like ramped up like ten thousand notches so I’ve got big plans I’m gonna talk to you about that in just a sec first with off loader and I can show you the interior as well alright all right the interior color okay this is Alcantara all kind of this charcoal gray black color but I’m gonna completely really do that all right this is the moment first reason look at these stools who doesn’t love these dolls right so I was looking at a Ferrari 488 Pisa and a Porsche gt2 RS because those two cars as well as this one have similar specs right to around 700 ish course power 0 to 100 under 3 seconds so why did I get the 720 over those 2 the other 2 don’t have doors that go up let’s just be honest like I mean come on if you’re gonna have a supercar you’re worth doors like this I love blue see my old Huracan she had normal doors which is actually makes driving around quite easy but I just thought right I want to get something that looks super super super special and this car does I love the look of this car over both the gt2 RS and the police star just look at this beautiful side profile zero to a hundred in 2.9 seconds how freaking crazy is that so Lucy was about 3.2 seconds so this is faster anything under three seconds is like holy [ __ ] quick okay so this baby is fast it just sticks to the ground as well I love that about McLaren the cornering in these cars is absolutely fantastic and you notice a massive difference so 710 horsepower you guys I’ve gone up from 610 with the Huracan to 710 and anything over 700 horsepower is crazy alright look at the license plate I got the one and only 720 yes it is actually it’s not the only one obviously but here in the UAE this is the only one with this special color you will only see this colour on this car in the whole country that’s pretty cool however it won’t be for much longer you just wait well I’m gonna do – this car is like beyond anything it is definitely gonna be the one and only 720 s to the max extreme okay currently as we speak a body kiss is being made especially for me somewhere else in the world I’m not gonna hint to where yet it is like the coolest most badass body kit you have ever seen for a seven 20s I promise you it is amazing and looked around I Google I was looking at all of the different options I’ll cite you know nothing is standing out and then I was like is this why is this I just saw one picture there’s only like one picture on the whole internet of this particular body kit and I was like wait is this a rendering does this thing exist because it’s super cool I put in some phone calls and they were like burn we got you covered we’ll start making it so they’ve actually been making this body kit from scratch for the last three weeks it’s gonna take another three weeks the body kit I’ve chosen costs sixty thousand euros alone just for the body kit there are like so many paddles the whole bonnet here is gonna look completely different we’re gonna have a new flat front splitter some crazy detailing here that’s all I’m gonna say okay give away too much and then we’re gonna get different rooms of course we’re gonna literally this car will not be recognizable by the time I’m done with it you’re still kind of be able to tell it’s a 720 but no other 720 else in the world is gonna look like this one no guys I really want your help with this I have not decided this yet what should be the main color please comment down below what should I do to the main color of this car should I go crazy bright orange should I make a bit more subtle do it in like green tones should it be like a chrome could it should it be like a silk chrome what should it be please let me know I’m gonna read through your comments and I want to take your advice you are my supercar only family I want you to be part of this experience okay let’s get in what we’ll do is because this is completely one block color at the moment it means I can do literally anything so depending on the color I choose for the outside I’m going to do the same color here on the seats either in stitching so much the stitching to the outside or actually get whole panels like new panels and put them like this whole panel can change in color for example so it runs down like this in the center that would look pretty cool it’s really easy to start and there’s just a love this about the 720’s this whole panel actually ducks down if you put it into track if you flip this over look what happens it tucks away when you’re in track you don’t have a massive screen distracting you so I quite like that little feature that’s quite cool let me show you not just it’s working already no way yeah you just got this I know is there ridiculous the McLaren’s kind of little bits and things go wrong all the time not major things but little bits and pieces like I literally just got these cards leave it at nothing this is not ridiculous so I’ve already gotta go put it into McClaren like tomorrow or the next day to get this fixed I mean on it like it’s not a big deal it’s something super small but I’m just saying like you know I’ve spoken to people with MacLaren’s who have owned them before and they’re like just you know just be aware little bits and pieces are gonna go wrong on you and you just have to expect that so there you go and the other thing is the beeping oh my god does this car like to be holy mackerel the parking sensors on this car are just out of this world crazy like they live in a different world basically even if you’re not next to anything the parking sensors will literally just decide they want to go off you’re like oh my god shut up so that’s a good thing about this guy you’ve got this little button here for the parking sensor that you have to have handy because constantly be turning this off actually the reverse camera in this is very good the quality is very good look how big this reverse camera here is displayed on the screen we just go back like that’s that’s a really decent sized reverse camera screen that’s really cool so you’ve got the top view here and the reverse view yeah we’re gonna go for a bit of a drive and we’ll go do some cool drone shots and suffer you know and take in this beautiful scenery I live in Dubai if you don’t know and it’s actually been like a blessing but I haven’t been able to travel recently because I’ve just really enjoyed being here and like being spending time with my family and like seeing more of Dubai it’s my home so I’ve actually had like you know quite a nice time alright let’s go for a drive oh my God he’s actually low it’s scary it’s so freakin quick Wow oh my god this is definitely gonna have to be driven along the track I’m gonna change this whole baby up thank you guys so much for being part of my super couple of big family all right let me know what you think in the comments of you

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